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Professional theatre makers – native English speakers

Our education department is in touch with over 300 international and Dutch schools nationwide. Yearly over 2400 students at primary, secondary and university level (4 – 26 years) are involved in STET education programmes. Our high-quality theatre workshops and performances are successful because we work with professional actors and educators who have a real passion for passing on their knowledge.

Our expertise are small-group theatre workshops with real connection, safe space and quality time to develop a mutual conversation between the group and the theatre professional(s). We highly value direct contact with teachers, students and audience members.

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Why has STET an education department  and why is it so successful?

  • Theatre education has proved to be a unique way of non-formal learning, gaining insights in drama techniques, storytelling, communication and most importantly learning about oneself.
  • Students learn lifelong skills through cultural education. They:
      • learn to articulate their emotions in a social situation (kerndoel 54)
      • gain self-confidence
      • develop to reflect on themselves and the world around them (kerndoel 55)
      • become able to express themselves better
      • learn (how) to cooperate with others
      • acquire some knowledge about arts and learn to appreciate it (kerndoel 56)
  • STET Education provides a supplemental education programme that reinforces English language skills in order to help students follow up better in their curriculums and in their social life outside school.
  • Students gain insight in the creative work behind our productions by understanding what it is behind and what moves a professional artist to make what they make.