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We offer a unique blend of personal growth, real-world impact and tailored learning. As the educational department of STET The English Theatre, we’ve been shaping the minds of students aged 4 to 26, for a decade. Partnering with professional theatre makers, our mission goes beyond English language and drama, as we aim to cultivate responsible, international citizens.

With a footprint in over 300 international and Dutch schools, we engage 2500 students annually, offering workshops, performances, and international exchanges. We commit to diversity and inclusion and focus on positive environments, address issues like bullying, nature conservation and LGBTQI+ awareness.

Why choose STET Education?

We’re not just about drama and English. We’re about using these tools to tackle real issues: from empowering students with life skills to fostering empathy and celebrating differences. We tailor our programs to each school’s unique needs. Our professional artists and educators bring quality and years of experience, ensuring a transformative and lasting impact. In the meantime, we don’t forget to provide entertainment that the students will enjoy.

Join us on a journey where education transcends boundaries and creates well-rounded individuals ready to make a difference.

For more information and bookings, please contact us at education@theenglishtheatre.nl or +31 6 2043 1919.

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Free workshops!

Thanks to our Erasmus+ project we offer free drama workshops on climate change for 13 – 18 year old students from schools, community centres and youth theatre groups. Don’t miss it!

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An open conversation

Dora and Gig, your partners from the Education Department, want to sit down with you, at a moment that suits you, to take a creative breath. We have found that an open conversation gives space to let thoughts, ideals but also concerns float out. It helps us and it helps you. No commitment, but something might come out of it. We’ll even include coffee!

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Curious about our past projects?

We summarize our years in our Education Evaluation reports: 2023, 2022, 20212020, 20192018, 2017

Who have we have worked with?

Some schools we worked with so far are.... American School of The Hague, British School The Hague, Dalton Den Haag, Dalton Voorburg, Edith Stein College (The Hague), Europen School Bergen, European School The Hague, Groningse Schoolvereniging, Haarlemmermeer Lyceum, Het College (Weert), Het Nieuwe Eemland (Amersfoort), HSV (van Nijenrodestraat and Nassaulaan in The Hague), International School of Amsterdam, International School Delft, International School Eerde (Ommen), International School Groningen, International School of The Hague, Nuborgh College Lambert Francken (Elburg), OSG West-Friesland (Hoorn), RSG Magister Alvinus (Sneek), Segbroek College (The Hague), Sint-Maartenscollege (Voorburg), Trinitas College (Heerhugowaard)...

Why does STET have an education department and why is it so successful?

  • Theatre education is a proven way of non-formal learning, gaining insights in drama techniques, storytelling, communication and most importantly learning about oneself.
  • Students learn lifelong skills through cultural education. They:
      • learn to articulate their emotions in a social situation (kerndoel 54)
      • gain self-confidence
      • develop tools to enable them to reflect on themselves and the world around them (kerndoel 55)
      • recognise the benefits of working as a team and co-operating with others
      • learn to express themselves more clearly
      • acquire some knowledge about the arts and learn to appreciate it (kerndoel 56)
  • STET Education provides a supplemental education programme that reinforces English language skills in order to help students do better in their curriculums and in their social life outside school.
  • Students gain insight in the creative work behind our productions by understanding what motivates a professional artist to create a piece of work.