By Booking Us, You Help Others

Every time you book an activity with us, until Christmas, we will donate 5% of your activity fee to Komt Het Zien! STET and our education department is aware and organized for access of persons with lesser abilities, whether mobility, hearing or vision. Your support will help the work of this charity and we will continue to enable theatre visits.

Komt het Zien! - blinden en slechtzienden beleven theater - fotograaf Piet-Hein Out
Komt het zien 250x250
Komt het Zien! - blindentolk beschrijft theatervoorstelling - fotograaf Komt het Zien!

Komt het Zien! provides live audio-descriptions as well as meet & feel introductions to shows, to benefit theatre-goers who are blind or have low vision. Through headphones or earbuds, persons with visual impairment are able to listen to an assistive audio describer, who tells them everything about the visual environment of the performance. Details such as decor, costume or body language are described. In this way theatre is made fun and accessible for all, in particular for those who don’t have full vision.

Komt het Zien! (Come and See It!) introduced audio-description to the Netherlands in 2014. Their continued efforts have increased accessible shows from 0 to 60 performances a year. We are honored to support this pioneering organisation.

Theatre Education for your School

Professional theatre makers – native English speakers

Our education department is in touch with over 300 international and Dutch schools nationwide. Yearly over 2400 students at primary, secondary and university level (4 – 26 years old) are involved in STET education programmes. Our high-quality theatre workshops and performances are successful because we work with professional actors and educators who have a real passion for their work and are keen to pass on their knowledge.

Our expertise lies in providing small-group theatre workshops with real connection, safe environment and quality time to develop a mutual conversation between the group and the theatre professional(s). We highly value direct contact with teachers, students and audience members.

For more information and bookings, please contact us at or +31 6 20 43 1919.

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Curious about our past projects?

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Who have we have worked with?

Some schools we worked with so far are.... American School of The Hague, British School The Hague, Dalton Den Haag, Dalton Voorburg, Edith Stein College (The Hague), Europen School Bergen, European School The Hague, Groningse Schoolvereniging, Haarlemmermeer Lyceum, Het College (Weert), Het Nieuwe Eemland (Amersfoort), HSV (van Nijenrodestraat and Nassaulaan in The Hague), International School of Amsterdam, International School Delft, International School Eerde (Ommen), International School Groningen, International School of The Hague, Nuborgh College Lambert Francken (Elburg), OSG West-Friesland (Hoorn), RSG Magister Alvinus (Sneek), Segbroek College (The Hague), Sint-Maartenscollege (Voorburg), Trinitas College (Heerhugowaard)...

COVID - don't worry about booking with us!

These are uncertain times and we understand that you might hesitate to make advance bookings. However, if your school is not able to take part in the event because of any restriction due to COVID-19, cancellation is possible up to 7 days before the booked date. We hope that this flexible booking system will encourage you to take advantage of some of the great, extra-curricular activities STET has planned for 2020-21 and 2021-2022.

All workshops and performances on the website are available during Corona times. See our COVID Cancellation Policy.

All workshops and performances available during Corona times!
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Why does STET have an education department and why is it so successful?

  • Theatre education is a proven way of non-formal learning, gaining insights in drama techniques, storytelling, communication and most importantly learning about oneself.
  • Students learn lifelong skills through cultural education. They:
      • learn to articulate their emotions in a social situation (kerndoel 54)
      • gain self-confidence
      • develop tools to enable them to reflect on themselves and the world around them (kerndoel 55)
      • recognise the benefits of working as a team and co-operating with others
      • learn to express themselves more clearly
      • acquire some knowledge about the arts and learn to appreciate it (kerndoel 56)
  • STET Education provides a supplemental education programme that reinforces English language skills in order to help students do better in their curriculums and in their social life outside school.
  • Students gain insight in the creative work behind our productions by understanding what motivates a professional artist to create a piece of work.