Actors we work with

We are proud to work with these actors

…on a regular basis.


All names underneath are in alphabetical order – to show you that we love working with them all equally, as we acknowledge their strengths and interests. Here is some insight into their style. They are all wonderful and we are proud that they chose to work with us too!

We stand behind working with highly skilled, professional theatre-makers, who are dedicated to teaching and inspiring the young during their sessions. We hope these actors’ sparks of inspiration last a lifetime for each student and help them develop into wholesome, well-educated, but also emotionally competent and empathic adults.

Check out some of the work they do through links at the end of each bio.

Alex Baggett

From the US, lives in The Hague

Orderly, gives everyone a chance, very experienced group leader, allows for students’ own ideas to fill the plot, very respected and liked, expert in Shakespeare.

Understanding Shakespeare Workshop, Improvisation and Storytelling Workshop,
Online Understanding Shakespeare Workshop

Amanda Wolzak

British, lives in The Hague

Kind and respected authority in the room, finds common grounds with the smallest kids and their teachers, gets her students on their feet to explore their voices and bodies, draws upon vast experience with workshops and as an actress, shares tips and brightens up any class with most-loved drama exercises.

How to Use Theatre in the Classroom? Workshop for Teachers

Ashley Ramsden

British, lives in the UK

Master storyteller, travelled the world with his captivating stories for all ages, known for his solo A Christmas Carol performed 30 years internationally and more than 15 in the Netherlands, a regular in our house.

Caja van der Poel storyteller headshot

Caja van der Poel

Dutch/International, lives in The Hague

Magical figure with some stature, mesmerizes children and holds their attention, creates ambience, sits and stands when she tells the story, uses meaningful eye-contact with every child, very good with special needs kids.

Magical Storytelling Performance

Elyse headshot

Elyse O’Shaughnessey

From the US, lives in Amsterdam

Musical and light, young, active actor, with an eye for formations and stage production, a leader and entrepreneur with artistic vision, and has knowledge of theatre programming.

Jeremiah Fleming actor we work with

Jeremiah Fleming

From the US, lives in Amsterdam

A mature actor, works in film and theatre, well-established in the Netherlands, continues to work with world themes of race conflict, identity and resolution.

American Tales Untold II. Performance

Joanna Lucas headshot

Joanna Lucas

British, lives in Amsterdam

Caring, fun and empowering. Charming and inspiring, she can handle situations with special needs participants. English literature expert!

The Power of YOU Workshop, My News, Your News WorkshopA Play in a Day Online Workshop

Kaylee Good actress we work with

Kaylee Good

From the US, lives in The Hague

Fun with children, lets them use all their senses, creates imaginary stories that explore more serious themes, experienced teacher.

The Zebra and the Lion Workshop

Raphael Rodan

Israeli, lives in Amsterdam

Well-known actor with some star-quality, charming and sociable, his personal story is relatable even if you didn’t live it.

Storytelling and Identity Workshop, My Father Held a Gun Performance

Rebecca Poole headshot

Rebecca Poole

British, lives in Capelle aan den IJssel

Spontaneous, has an eye for movement and coordination, resourceful. Works well creatively with small children. Fun fact, she is also a Pilates and spinning instructor.

That’s A Rubbish Idea Workshop

Portrait of Sahand Sahebdivani, a Dutch-Iranian man in his fourties, with short dark hair, wearing glasses, smiling.

Sahand Sahebdivani

Iranian, lives in Amsterdam

Well-known personality in the theatre world, sincere, and pleasant, exudes a fatherly authority yet with a playful eye, makes you think about identity. Leader and organizer of a storytelling festival together with Raphael Rodan.

Storytelling and Identity Workshop, My Father Held a Gun Performance