What teachers said about us (hover over boxes for quotes):

English teacher at Lyceum Oudehoven, Gorinchem

My Father Held a Gun Performance, 17 June 2021

``The students were very impressed with the performance and felt it was a shame that only they were there to see it. They found the acting energetic and intense (in a good way). The music really added to the overall atmosphere. They also found the question round at the end very interesting. Some students said they had difficulty following the changes in character between the past and present. But not everyone agreed with that.
When asked whether they would recommend inviting the company again they all said 'Yes' without exception.``

Daphne Meesman, Edith Stein College, Den Haag

The Play's The Thing (Online Performance), 23 April 2021
Celebrating The Bard's Birthday in Style

``Just to let you know we thoroughly enjoyed The Play's The Thing last Friday! We watched with two 5vwo classes who had been working on Macbeth creating their own mini-adaptations the past few weeks so they could really appreciate the show.
Wonderful actors, so young, fun and professional - a pleasure to watch. And such a nice thought to include greetings to the participating schools during the performance😊.``

Margriet Ju, HSV, The Hague

The Zebra and the Lion Workshop, 21 April 2021

``We enjoyed this to the fullest! Professional approach with space for every child to feel safe, comfortable and most importantly: happy! They learned new words and skills through the workshop and the organisation was done in a great way.``

Nelleke Post, Schoonhovens College, Schoonhoven

Improvisation and Storytelling Workshop, 1 September 2020

``I spoke my students and asked whether they liked it, and a shy boy just shouted 'het was GEWELDIG!!' - they all really really enjoyed the workshop. Thank you and Alex so much!!!``

Krimpenerwaard College, Krimpen aan den IJssel

A Christmas Carol Performance, 16 December 2020

``We were happy we were able to offer this to our students, despite all the covid measures, and thank you all for helping us out when we hit roadblock of venue, being able to do two performances really helped.``

HSV, The Hague

Magical Storytelling Performance, 1 October 2020

`` Caja was professional, passionate and considerate of our children. She really made the effort to include them all and reach them on some level. She was fantastic and would love to see her again in the future!``

Annette Berns, Over Betuwe College, Bemmel

A Christmas Carol Performance, 19 December 2019

``We, teachers and students, really enjoyed the Christmas Carol show. Students were listening carefully and loved the performance. We were also lucky to be able to have the show in the local theatre. It was the right level for the group of 6 vwo students and of course the right story for this time of the year!``

CBS De Spiegel, The Hague

Night Travel Performance, 20 June 2019

``Sahand, de verteller, zijn fantastische manier van vertellen, zijn interactie met de kinderen, zijn mooie verhaal, met op de achtergrond een bijpassend mooi muziekje. Orde houden was niet nodig, petje af!``

IBS Yunus Emre, The Hague

Night Travel Performance, 21 March 2019

``De verhalenverteller is een talent. Het was een meeslepend en grappig verhaal. De leerlingen (en ik) luisterden met smacht naar zijn verhaal. Het komt zelden voor dat 1 persoon zoveel leerlingen op hetzelfde moment heeft weten te boeien.``

Amity International School

Tailor-made Improvisation Workshops, 1 April 2019

“Thank you so much for tailoring the programme so well to fit our needs and our Unit of Inquiry. I have already passed on your details to other teachers in my school so we will hopefully be working with you again. Many thanks!”

B. te Flierhaar, Nuborgh College Elburg

General Acting and Shakespeare Workshops, 17, 18 and 25 May 2018

“It has been an absolute pleasure to have STET in our school and as soon as we feel like doing something with theatre and acting again, we will certainly be in touch. Thank you for the nice experience!”

Lucy Fawcett, International School Delft

Tailor-made Interactive Workhsops, 5 Feb 2018

``The workshops were really well suited to the age group and the children had a wonderful time. All the children were engaged in the activities, and all the children could take part - even those with very little English. We are looking forward to doing some of the exercises again to help with the theme of cooperation and working together.``

Joanna Vervaat-Gosse, OSG West Friesland, Hoorn

Tailor-made Robin Hood Workshops, 9 -11 January 2018

``It was a successful workshop that motivated and inspired our students with the Robin Hood project. Your actors were friendly, fun, approachable and set the tone for an enjoyable experience. Some students who were apprenhensive beforehand (nervous or not interested) reported that they were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it.``

Amy Foster, International School of The Hague

Caja's Magical Storytelling, 2 November 2017

``I really loved this workshop and learned a lot myself - and the students learned a lot. I found the lessons and stories quite sophisticated and thought Year 7 was perfect but Years 8 and 9 would also benefit. Caja is brilliant and we were really fortunate to have her with us!``

Clare Calton, European School of The Hague

Infinite Jest Performance, 20 May 2016

“My students thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Macbeth by Infinite Jest. It was pitched at a great level for secondary students with some prior knowledge of the play. The company had adapted the play in an imaginative and creative way making the original language really come to life. My students particularly liked the use of sound effects, puppets and some audience participation. They were engaged throughout and had lots to say about it afterwards. We hope we can see another performance next year!”

The Taming of the Shrew Open-Air Workshop

September 2015

``We have asked our students what they thought of the performance and the workshop and they were all very positive. Even though the language was hard to follow for some of our students, they enjoyed it and they have recommended us to do things like this again with future groups.``

General Shakespeare Workshops

April 2015

``All the children loved the workshops and were full of enthusiasm for Shakespeare and English afterwards. The actors gave 100% effort and motivated and educated our students in drama and in the unique writing of Shakespeare. Many thanks!``

Devon Glover

November 2014

``The reactions I got from my students were: splendid, very enjoyable, entertaining, educational; some had never thought they could write a poem in English and perform it.``

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

January 2014

``We will definitely keep up to date with your performances and would like to have something next year. Keep in touch and thank you.``