Embracing Diversity Workshop

3 or 4 October 2024 –Creative Access in the Arts
with Jonny Cotsen, deaf actor from the UK


Explore the intersection between the arts and disability, unraveling paths towards creative access in your practice. This interactive session was thoughtfully crafted to guide future professionals into seamlessly integrating inclusivity into their future lives and careers. As a deaf individual, Jonny Cotsen, a qualified art teacher turned performance artist and inclusion consultant, shares practical insights and down-to-earth strategies in an engaging workshop.

The class is specifically designed for drama students, dramaturgy students and directors in training to give them a comprehensive perspective and inclusive way of working and thinking. To elevate your experience, attend our STET No Limits Festival in The Hague: join the symposium for a vibrant discourse on arts inclusion and watch a revealing, international show on the topic.



COST €490 / 1 hour workshop
€620 / 1,5 hours
€750 / 3 hours workshop
+ 21% BTW and travel costs from The Hague
DATE Thursday 3 or Friday 4 October 2024
RUNNING TIME You can choose from 1 hour, 90 minutes or 3 hours sessions.
VENUE Your campus or a location you provide.
AGE 18+
PARTICIPANTS Max. 15 HBO or WO (university) students / session. This workshop is specifically designed for drama students, dramaturgy students and directors in training to give them a fuller, richer perspective and a more inclusive way of working and thinking.
LANGUAGE English (Jonny Cotsen is from the UK)
TAILOR-MADE This workshop can be tailored to your specific group with different abilities, advanced knowledge and interests. Let us know how the workshop can enhance your curriculum and benefit your students.
picture by Beat Media

Meet your workshop leader

Meet Jonny. Jonny is a teacher, a freelance facilitator, a workshop leader, and an avid football fan. He’s a father to young children. He is a campaigner, and an artist. His friends say that he’s outgoing and popular and that he loves music, festivals, and nightclubs.

Jonny is deaf. He was born deaf to hearing parents who were afraid that disability would stigmatise their son and the family. Deaf was not a term that was used in the Cotsen household. Jonny underwent ardent speech therapy and learnt to lip read. He did not identify himself as “deaf” until much later in life. From an early age he felt disconnected from his disability, but also disconnected from the world around him.

Join our festival

This workshop is part of the STET No Limits Festival taking place from October 2 – 7, 2024, at the prestigious Theater aan het Spui in The Hague. Elevate your experience by bringing this dynamic workshop to your campus and immersing yourself in the themes of our groundbreaking festival!

Let your voice be part of the discourse at our symposium on arts inclusion, where Dutch and British authorities on performance, policy-making and inclusion converge. Gain insights into the industry’s current landscape as we explore thought-provoking topics and watch captivating international performances that delve into the the heart of the theme. We would like to include local voices to be part of a trailblazing celebration that overcomes boundaries and shapes the future of the arts.

Booking and information

E: education@theenglishtheatre.nl
T: +31 6 20 43 1919