Watch STET NO LIMITS: A Call to Action!

On Monday 1 November, we hosted our symposium STET NO LIMITS: A Call to Action!. An afternoon with multiple talks, a short performance and a panel discussion about theatre and disabilities. Here you can watch the live recording of the entire afternoon. 



00:00:57 – Opening speech by STET director Tom Dello

00:03:50 – Opening by deputy British ambassador Lucy Ferguson

00:10:35 – Excerpt from Louder Is Not Always Clearer by Jonny Cotsen

00:30:25 – Video portraits of the Panel Members

00:58:04 – Keynote by Robert Softley Gale

01:13:20 – Panel talk 

02:10:35 – Presentation of The Agenda Inclusive Performing Arts by Claudia Mertinelli (LKCA)

02:22:00 – Thank you speech by Tom Dello



Click here to read the six most important things we’ve learned from STET NO LIMITS. 

At STET, we are working hard on making our shows more accessible. Click here to read more about what we do.


A big thanks to Lucy Ferguson, Funda Müjde, Jonny Cotsen and Gareth Clark, Robert Softley Gale, Miss Jacqui, Paul Röttger, Paloma Oakenfold and Zara Jayne Arnold, Willemijn Haasken, Vincent Bendervoet and Carolien van Heijst, Claudia Marinelli, Marianne Dijkshoorn and all visitors and livestream audience!