by STET the English Theatre

During a performance, we have the chance to see the artist and the story, but what happens after the curtain call? With STET’s Spotlight Talks we aim to bring you a long-lasting experience of each of STET’s productions by shining a light on the production’s topic with an after show talk and discussion.

STET’s Spotlight Talks are an invitation to audience members who feel driven and excited to uncover the layers of the theatrical piece in a discussion between audiences, artists and professionals. An opportunity to listen and to be heard. STET will always invite someone from the Dutch cultural sector as well as an expert on the topics engaged by the performance.

Are you interested? Please check the dates of our Spotlight Talks for upcoming productions:
Spotlight talk at Jogging

Past Spotlight talks

Check out our past spotlight talks and guests below:


During our BURGERZ Spotlight Talk host Riyaz van Wegberg (Spectrum Podcast) spoke to performer Travis Alabanza, award winning theatre director Gavin-Viano Fabri and teacher and activist Marnix Ebbelaar. They discussed the importance of queer and trans art and artists, theatre practices in both the UK and The Netherlands, and how, as a society, we can make sure everyone has a place in it.

Sons of Abraham

For the Spotlight on Sons of Abraham we invited Ms Sham Ahmed, a University of Amsterdam teacher and a child refugee from Iraqi Kurdistan. We also invited Abdalla Daif, who is an Egyptian performing artist who has made performances with and about refugees in Egypt.


At our Spotlight for ZERO we invited performer Robin Steegman and theatre maker and director Arvand Dashtaray. Together with audience questions through our livestream we discussed migration and the bureaucracy of living in another country. What does freedom of movement mean if not everyone is free to move equally?