Improvisation and storytelling workshop

(14 – 18 yrs) all year

A half-day of acting fun in your classroom


“In improvisation, there are no mistakes.
― Miles Davis


stage and create something new with little preparation. The most important rule for improvisers is, “always say yes.” From there, performers work together to create something that has never been seen before. When the freedom of improvisation is combined with the structure of any story, you’d be surprised how far a group’s imagination can go.


COST €740 / 3 hours workshop – negotiable, discounts for more than one half-day workshop.
DATE March 2018 – July 2019
RUNNING TIME 3 hours (with breaks according to your school schedule)
VENUE your school or a location you provide
AGE RANGE 14-18 years
AUDIENCE MEMBERS max 30 / session
LANGUAGE English (Alex Baggett is from the United States of America)
REQUEST A THEME Are you working on a particular theme with your class that would benefit from this approach? This workshop can be tailor-made to your needs. The activity plan is also tailored to age groups.

Meet your workshop leader

Alex Baggett is a professional actor from Denver, Colorado.

He studied acting at the Chicago College of Performing Arts and got his degree in Theatre from Loyola University Chicago.
He perfomed outdoor Shakespeare with Citadel Theatre company.
He was a founding company member of Fearless Theatre Company. Before leaving Chicago, Alex was a company member with the Public House Theatre company. Alex worked as a teaching artist at the Denver Center Theatre Academy for five summers.

Alex now lives in Amsterdam and is an ensemble member of Amsterdam’s Orange Theatre company.
He is delighted to be actively involved in the theatre community in the Netherlands.

Workshop plan for the half-day activity

A sample of the activities is listed here to give you an idea what to expect on the day.

Lessons and Activities: the day will consist of a series of fun, engaging activities beginning with the “Yes” game where students learn the most important rule of improvisation, “always say yes.”
From there, elements of improvisation and of storytelling are introduced, such as pantomime and the concept of conflict. By the end of the first session, students should be able to improvise short scenes that establish settings, characters, relationships, and conflicts. In the second session of the workshop, students will learn how the elements of plot help to tell a story. The second series of exercises will challenge students to work together to create and resolve conflicts as a group.

Performancethe last part of the workshop will be spent with students improvising their own three-act plays (7-10 minutes in length). The performance is designed to be fun, and low pressure, but students will be encouraged to establish characters, relationships, and settings in the beginning; establish a conflict and obstacles in the middle; and resolve the conflict by the end of the play. The intention is to encourage students to experiment with what they have learned during the morning.

Goal: by allowing students time and individual support to develop their ideas in a safe space, the goal is to encourage them to use their new-found confidence in day-to-day life.

How could your students benefit?

  • the workshop promotes working together towards a common goal
  • it improves fast, on the spot decision-making
  • it helps students bond in a fun way, engaging them in a playful and inclusive setting
  • it builds confidence through understanding that there is no wrong choice in improvisation
  • it increases creativity, encouraging students to make up their own stories
  • it improves concentration skills
  • it helps students better understand important elements of stories

Booking and information

T: +31 6 44168483

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