Magical Storytime


(2 – 11 yrs) all year

“The universe it not made of atoms.
It’s made of tiny stories!”

Caja’s stories age full of magic, rich imagery and heartfelt content. Stories help us to stretch our imagination and broaden our horizons. The adventures of the heroes and heroines, and how they handle adversity, inspire us. We learn about the kind of person we want to be. In the middle of a day spent learning with our head, we take a breath and learn with our heart.

(Each programme has 3 or 4 short, age appropriate stories that link to one another through the theme. Halfway through the programme we play a game.)

  • Special children/outsiders
  • Finding your own way
  • Making friends
  • Inspiring Goodness
  • ….and (for the most magical time of the year) a Christmas spirit


COST € 650 + 9% VAT + local travel costs / max 1 hour session – price negotiable, discounts for more than one performance on the same day and location. We can also help you with fundraising!
DATE School years 2022-2023 and 2023-2024
RUNNING TIME 50 minutes – 1 hour
NOTE 35 – 40 minutes for the age group of 2 – 4
VENUE Your school or a location you provide
AGE RANGE 2-11 yrs (all stories adjusted to the age group)
LIMIT OF PARTICIPANTS Max 100 children / session. (We also offer smaller group sessions for one or two classes. Pricing €275/session)
LANGUAGE English (Caja is also native Dutch)
ADVISED PREPARATIONS None. If so desired, Caja can give you some ideas on how to use the stories in different lessons.

Meet your storyteller

Caja van der Poel is a well-versed storyteller.
After finishing drama school in The Hague and The Theatre Academy in Amsterdam, she graduated from The International School of Storytelling. She performs all over the world, in English and in Dutch.
Caja loves to wonder, and so loves wonder tales. Their magic, their long journeys to strange lands far away and their infinite wisdom inspire her. The idea that everything is connected, and the way most things turn out well in the end, fills her with enthusiasm which is reflected in her style of telling. (

“Caja was professional, passionate and considerate of our children. She really made the effort to include them all and reach them on some level. She was fantastic and would love to see her again in the future!” (HSV Den Haag, 1 October 2020)

An example session

Booking tip: don’t worry if your pupils are not native English speakers – Caja’s sessions are easy to follow!

Introduction   We light a candle, as is the tradition in storytelling
… and helps the children to focus
5 min
First story Caja starts with a short story, mostly an interactive one, to
introduce the theme and get a feeling of the group.
10 min
Second story The second story is the ‘main course’ of the menu, a longer
story with rich imagery and meaning.
15/20 min
Game We play a game in the classroom, get our bodies moving and
use our voice. This is to shake off the other stories and clear
the way for the last story.
5 min
Third story The last story is light and ends really well for the
hero/heroine, a sweet, happy end.
5 min

To share a story is like…

To share a story is like sharing a delicious meal. No screens, no noise, no artificial flavouring, photoshop or added sugar. The children sit together and listen to a story, prepared for them with love. Their imagination transports them to the story/world, where anything is possible. Each of them responds to the story in their own way. And so the sharing of one story becomes a personal experience, tailor made for each individual child. When the story is finished, we return to our everyday world, which we look at in a new way. Sharing stories empowers our imagination, and in return we ourselves are empowered. We learn how to dream, how to imagine ourselves or our world differently and we learn how to empathize with different characters.

Key benefits to students

  • Language learning in a dynamic, stylistic and entertaining way
  • Empathy skills
  • Cultural understanding – telling stories allows children to experience different worlds, countries, and traditions…
  • Creative thinking
  • Develop resourcefulness – learning to adapt and thrive within given scenarios and limitations

Booking and information

T: +31 620431919