ZERO and Spotlight Talk

5 March 2021 ZERO and Spotlight Talk by Robin Steegman and Arvand Dashtaray HNT, Het Paradijs pictures by Holland Park Media


Timtim by Simone de Jonge on 4 & 5 March in Koninklijke Schouwburg. Photos by Carmen Morlon.

Theatrical Presentation

24 April 2016 Theatrical Presentation (part of Shakespeare 400) by President Theaoder Meron – Spui Theater

The Snow Queen by Rod Burnett

29-30 January 2016 The Snow Queen by Rod Burnett – Royal Theater Pictures by Carmen Morlon      

The Keti Koti Monologues

The Keti Koti Monologues featuring Daniëlle Zawadi, Ritzah Statia, Rosa Weekers, Maria Toko, Karwan Fatah-Black, Nancy Jouwe and Marisa Monsanto on 17 & 18 June in the Koninklijke Schouwburg. Photos by Carmen Morlon.

The Amazing Bubble Man

10 and 11 May 2019 The Amazing Bubble Man by Louis Pearl (US) and Jetty Swart (NL) Koninklijke Schouwburg Pictures by Elisabetta Ostuni

STET’s Greenhouse

STET’s Greenhouse featuring Kalib Batta, Alex Baggett, Kitchen’s Light, Bahgi and Nimo Hersi on 9 July at Hof van Wouw. Photos by Carmen Morlon.

STET’ Greenhouse | 2021

At STET’s Greenhouse you discover experimental work by up-and-coming talent. Our 2021 edition took place at the beautiful h Hof van Wouw, with Joanna Lucas, Robin Nimanong, Raphael Rodan and Mushroom Mosis. Read more about the artists here.     Photo’s by Dora Vörös