ZERO and Spotlight Talk

5 March 2021 ZERO and Spotlight Talk by Robin Steegman and Arvand Dashtaray HNT, Het Paradijs pictures by Holland Park Media


Timtim by Simone de Jonge on 4 & 5 March in Koninklijke Schouwburg. Photos by Carmen Morlon.

Theatrical Presentation

24 April 2016 Theatrical Presentation (part of Shakespeare 400) by President Theaoder Meron – Spui Theater

The Receptionists (7+)

The Receptionists from 27 – 28 January at Koninklijke Schouwburg. Photos by Carmen Morlon.

The Keti Koti Monologues

The Keti Koti Monologues featuring Daniëlle Zawadi, Ritzah Statia, Rosa Weekers, Maria Toko, Karwan Fatah-Black, Nancy Jouwe and Marisa Monsanto on 17 & 18 June in the Koninklijke Schouwburg. Photos by Carmen Morlon.

STET’s Greenhouse

STET’s Greenhouse featuring Kalib Batta, Alex Baggett, Kitchen’s Light, Bahgi and Nimo Hersi on 9 July at Hof van Wouw. Photos by Carmen Morlon.

STET’ Greenhouse | 2021

At STET’s Greenhouse you discover experimental work by up-and-coming talent. Our 2021 edition took place at the beautiful h Hof van Wouw, with Joanna Lucas, Robin Nimanong, Raphael Rodan and Mushroom Mosis. Read more about the artists here.     Photo’s by Dora Vörös

STET Open Air | Romeo & Juliet | Globe Berlin

Our yearly STET Open Air took place in Raadhuis de Paauw. This 2021 edition, we viewed a brilliant modern adaptation of Sheakespeare’s classic Romeo & Juliet by Globe Berlin. Credits to Jacob Lundqvist for these lovely photo’s.