Robert Softley Gale

Robert is an established figure in the Scottish arts scene, with over ten years of experience in diverse roles including disability rights activist, actor and performer, writer, artistic director and advocate of equality of access to the arts for disabled people. Since then Gale has been pursuing any available opportunity saying “What are the options… you either go out and do the things you want to do or you don’t. My attitude has always been, ‘How do I make this happen?’

Gale joined Birds of Paradise (BOP) as Artistic Director in November 2012. Since joining in 2012, Gale has strived to produce high quality performances under BOP saying “If the work isn’t as good as it possibly can be, we lose the argument before it’s begun. If we’re asking people to engage with inclusion, then unless we’re making great work they’ll think: ‘Why should we?’”