Shakespeare 400


18 - 24 APRIL 2016

Koninklijke Schouwburg,
Nationale Toneel gebouw, 
Theater aan het Spui

THE HAGUE, City of Peace and Justice

Macbeth Zuidelijk Toneel meher Theodor meronInfinite Jest small thumbnail THSF400 Tina Packer


As part of the worldwide commemorations of Shakespeare's death on 23 April 1616 the The Hague Shakespeare Festival has developed a programme around the theme of Shakespeare and Politics and International Law. Former UN Secreatary General Boutros Boutros Ghali once described The Hague as The Legal Capital of the World  with the many international courts and tribunals and NGO's dealing with human rights and warcrimes.


Monday 18 April 20.15 MACBETH by Zuidelijk Toneel with English surtitles -
Koninklijke Schouwburg
Macbeth, a story about the smouldering sense of powerlessness.  Macbeth tries to hold his own.. but who is really in charge? Reworked by Lucas de Man and Jamal Ouariachi ..... read more

Friday 22 April   20.30 HAMLET by Meher Awachri Debbich and company
Nationale Toneelgebouw
After the Jasmine Revolution in Tunis, Meher Awachri Debbich and his fellow performers searched for the role of theatre and their own parts in this new reality full of promise and chaos ..... read more

Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 April MACBETH  (7 - 99!) by Infinite Jest, Open workshop Saturday 23 April
Koninklijke Schouwburg - Paul Steenbergen Foyer
Young audiences are invited to enter to enter a dark and bloody world of ambition, suspicion, surveillance, murder, revenge and witchcraft. What compels Macbeth to turn from hero to villain? .....
read more

Saturday 23 April 20.30 LIMBS RECALLING LIMBS (Reading) by Ninke Overbeek-
Koninklijke Schouwburg - Paradijs
A work in progress started for these commemorations by young playwright Ninke Overbeek. A research project into the body-politics of Shakespeare's characters. What situations do Joan of Arc, Shylock, Portia (Merchant of Venice) and Ophelia find their bodies in? What agency do they have over their own limbs? Who demands what from them?.....  read more
Sunday 24 April 11.00 Theatrical presentation SHAKESPEARE AND JUST WAR -
Theater aan het Spui 
Keynote speech to be delivered by Judge Theodor Meron in close co-operations with Dutch actors Gijs Scholten van Aschat and Pierre Bokma. A panel of Shakespeare and international law experts including Tina Packer and Sir Christopher Greenwood (ICJ) will respond to the speech before the audience can join in the debate ..... read more
This programme has been made possible, thanks to the support of:
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