Happy birthday stet!

10 candles

STET The English Theatre celebrates its 10th anniversary Saturday 26 November  
the best moment to look to the future!

We like to celebrate this with you ánd to secure our work in the future. As from 2017 20 % of STET's budget is secured by The Hague. HURRAH! However the remaining 80% has to be found through other sources, like foundations, businesses and YOU!

PARTY TIME! (if you like to join please tell us by emailing us...Thanks!)
Monologues not by Shakespeare
Saturday 26 November
we celebrate STET's birthday with a party in the Paradijs foyer, including a reception, a book presentation of the English version of Monologues NOT by Shakespeare to a mystery guest....

ánd the very very last performance in English of Lady M! by Annemarie de Bruijn (Het Vijfde Bedrijf). This Edinburgh Festival hit has its roots in the Hague and was a total succes with our audience.  


SO what can you do to support STET's future? 
Join the Happy Birthday STET!!! CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN and get invited to the reception 
buy an EXCLUSIVE TICKET for the very very last performance of LADY M! (only a limited number available and you decide yourself how much you pay for the ticket!)


A future programme of English-language theatre in the years to come
AND... every donor will receive an invitation for the reception and get a chance to win the book Monologues, not by Shakespeare*. On top of that we will raffle of some tickets for the performance of Lady M

*The book will also be on sale during the reception
or can be ordered by emailing sarah@hetvijfdebedrijf.nl