Shakespeare kids and teens : twelfth night (5+) and wherefore art thou (15+)


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Infinite Jest

Twelfth Night Infinite Jest THSF14 The HagueInfinite Jest Twelfth Night THSFApr2015 The Hague 


by Theatre of Entanglement

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Friday     17 April 19.30  - Koninklijke Schouwburg - Het Paradijs
Saturday 18 April  19.30  - Koninklijke Schouwburg - Het Paradijs

Saturday 18 April 15.00 - Koninklijke Schouwburg - Paul Steenbergen Foyer (SOLD OUT!)
Sunday   19 April 11.00 - Koninklijke Schouwburg - Paul Steenbergen Foyer (SOLD OUT!)
Sunday   19 April 14.00 - Koninklijke Schouwburg - Paul Steenbergen Foyer (EXTRA PERFORMANCE)

Koninklijke Schouwburg
Korte Voorhout 3, 2511 CW The Hague
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€ 22,50 Full Price
€ 10,00 Children and Young people under 18 
€ 10,00 Students/CJP
€ 21,50 Uitpas/under 26

Buy your tickets ONLINE in the STET Ticketshop or  T  06 300 500 18


A special education and workshop programme is attached to this weekend for all ages:
- Devon Glover: The Sonnet Man - American HipHop artist (young adults)
- Lost in Denmark (16+)
- Wherefore Art Thou (15+)
- To Sleep Perchance to Dream (11+)
- Twelfth Night (5+)

For more information, click here or contact Dora Szikra or T 06 2043 1919


Twelfth Night THSFapril2015 The HagueTWELFTH NIGHT

Like all great love stories it begins with a storm, a ship wreck and a pair of inseparable identical twins torn apart. Our heroine, Viola, is washed up on the shores of a remote mad cap island. Alone, frightened, hungry, and penniless she is forced to use all her survival instincts to get back on her feet. The only job going is in the local mad house run by the formidable Dr Maria. The only problem is she's looking for a male doctor to attend to the love-sick Orsino. Viola takes up the challenge and disguises herself as Doctor Cesario. Now we all know that love makes the world go round; and it also puts people in a spin: Viola falls for Orsino who's in love with Olivia who goes crazy for the new 'hot doc on the block' Cesario! How will the other patients, party animal Sir Toby and his foolish friend Sir Andrew, react to this young upstart? And will Olivia's personal assistant, the pompous and jealous Malvolio, be able to cope with Olivia's latest infatuation? What could make this knot any knottier? The arrival of Viola's long lost brother, Sebastian, of course! Mayhem, mistaken identity, madness ensue. And who’s expected to clear up the mess? The Fool.

Eva Alexander - director
Morag Cross - movement, choreography
Peter Joucla - composer
Kate Unwin - designer
Actors - Henry Everett, Morag Cross, Martyn Dempsey, Robert Hazle, Laura Martin-Simpson

"Before I saw this play I thought Shakespeare sounded really boring but Infinite Jest brought Twelfth Night to life! I thought it was fascinating and fun; not to mention a good laugh" Estie Gordon, aged 11

"12th night was a funny and entertaining show and an extremely accessible introduction to Shakespeare for children (and adults alike). The clever plotting and characters of Shakespeare's original aren't sacrificed; the acting is very good, the puppetry and songs a welcome addition."
Gerald, Secondary school Teacher


W.A.T.? To be or not to be? What choices do we have? What do we stand for? And how far are we willing to go? Shakespeare asked all of these questions hundreds of years ago. Wherefore Art Thou places them into the city, into 2015.

It's dark. We hear singing. The words are those of Ophelia's 'Song of Willow' (Hamlet). The lights go up and we find ourselves in a mental institution. A woman sits humming to herself. A cheerful nurse enters the room and is greeted by the woman with words from another Shakespeare play.
When the woman confuses the nurse for her late son's girlfriend, she is toppled into a string of memories, Shakespeare's words pushing her to find out how it could have gone so terribly wrong.
Starting out as a comedy, but ending in tragedy,

Wherefore Art Thou combines physical theatre with live music and modern spoken word poetry to bring Shakespeare's words to life in the here and now. 

A multi-layered performance about dementia, adolescence, divisions in society, and boundless love and loss, suitable for anyone, from 15-year-olds to seasoned Shakespeare experts.

"I fear I am not in my perfect mind. Methinks I should know you..."
"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players"
"My tongue must tell the anger of my heart, or else my heart concealing it will break"

Devised by the company &  Performed by
- Claudio Magaña Torres
- Ellen van Rossum
- Cézanne Tegelberg

Lighting - Esther Love

"Theatre Entanglement performances and workshops are highly professional and entertaining"
J. Bowker, International School Eindhoven

"Educating and entertaining at the same time, a perfect combination. "
Marry Hoogcarspel, International School of The Hague


Henry Everett and Fiona Puttman Infinite Jest

Infinite Jest is a London based youth theatre company which was founded by Henry Everet and Fiona Putman, who both have a great passion not only for each other but also for Shakespeare and in particular on how to make Shakespeare accessible to young people.

In their own words:
"As actors we’ve never had more fun in the rehearsal room or on stage than in performing Shakespeare. And we’ve never enjoyed it more than when there have been young people in the audience – laughing, cheering, booing – or simply enthralled! They may not understand all the language (let’s face it, the adults don’t get it all either!) but they can relate to all the characters – the goodies, baddies, lovers, dreamers, kings, queens, fools and clowns.
We love performing for children. They are unashamedly in the moment; demonstrative, honest and easily distracted. Performing with children in mind imposes the remit of never, for a moment, alienating our audiences. In making children our target audience, we have no choice but to create work that is funny, physical, understandable, thought provoking and life affirming; otherwise the children will simply switch off or get up and leave.
Our captivation with Shakespeare continues to grow as we learn more, read more, watch more and in particular play more. The enjoyment of Shakespeare is so much in the playing of Shakespeare and it’s for this reason that IJ was formed.
Nowadays, young children are benefitting from the realisation that you can’t teach Shakespeare unless you DO Shakespeare.
IJ workshops are all about getting everyone to step into the world of his wonderful plays and be those characters – thinking their thoughts and speaking their lines."


Theatre of Entanglement The Hague Shakespeare Fringe
Theatre of Entanglement is an international youth company that was set up by the actress Cezanne Tegelberg, who trained at the famous school East 15 in London. Although based in the Netherlands, it always performs with native speakers and has made a great name for itself for high quality youth theatre in education.
Theatre of Entanglement offers Shakespeare and general public and school performances, adaptations and workshops and uses the techniques of forum theatre to work issue-based in schools with students of all ages.
Theatre of Entanglement is a partner of STET The English Theatre. Together they developed the well received youth production A Wish in Winter (2012).

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In November 2013 the first ever The Hague Shakespeare Festival took place in the Koninklijke Schouwburg with major names like Tina Packer, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Het Vijfde Bedrijf and others. A programme full of performances and discussions took place over a period of 10 days. The next Shakespeare Festival is to take place in 2016. To bridge the time The Hague Shakespeare Festival has developed four Shakespeare Fringe weekends. The Shakespeare for Kids & Teens is the second of these weekends. The first was in November 2014 in Zaal 3 of Theater aan het Spui and involved young theatre makers from the United States, Israel, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

After this second weekend two more are planned: 10 & 11 December Shakespeare in Cross Overs with dance and music performances in Korzo Theatre and around 23 April 2016 Shakespeare and Politics to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death.