The hague shakespeare fringe weekend - rebooting the bard


The Hague Shakespeare Fringe
design Duel, photo Tatjana Todorovic 



FRI 21 November           17.30 - 23.00
SAT 22 November          15.30 - 23.00
SUN 23 November         14.45 - 21.00


ZAAL 3De Constant Rebecqueplein 20/a, 2518 RA The Hague
Directions .....

NOTE this is not in the Spui Theatre itself


FRI  21 November     EVENING PASS: € 27,50 - full price / € 24,50 - uni student & CJP (excl food and drinks)
SAT 22 November     DAY PASS: € 37,50 - full price / € 34,50 - uni student & CJP (excl food and drinks)
SUN 23 November     DAY PASS: € 35,00 - full price / € 30,00 - uni student & CJP (excl food and drinks)

The best way to see all of these shows is to buy our evening or day passes but you can also buy tickets for individual shows for €15  /  The Sonnet Man €10  /  George and Eran € 9,50.


ONLINE in the STET Ticketshop or T 06 300 500 18


This will be the first of the Shakespeare Fringe Festival performance weekends which bridge the biennial Hague Shakespeare Festival, presented by STET, The Hague’s English language theatre. We are delighted to announce for this weekend a collaboration with the Spui Theatre’s exciting venue Zaal (Room 3) at de Constant Rebecqueplein in The Hague (so NOT in the Spui Theatre itself) where you will be able to experience everything from Hip Hop sonnets to a comic re-examination of Hamlet.

We all pride ourselves on our knowledge of Shakespeare, but why not look again? Like a painting in close up, the companies are re-examining the text and presenting fresh interpretations of Hamlet, The Tempest, Richard III and the Sonnets, proving once and for all that Shakespeare is a poet for all times.


Sorrow in Silence - Isabelle Chapelle
We are delighted that we have one of the video booths from 2013's Shakespeare Festival which will be installed in the foyer of Zaal3. Take the opportunity between performances to witness the bewildered and anguished confession of Lady Anne, mother of Shakespeare's bloody king, Richard III. Has she unwittingly given birth to a monster?  An unusual and fascinating opportunity to think about character; how early are the seeds of evil sown?


17.30    DOORS OPEN  
18.30    OPENING FRINGE WEEKEND  by Cees Debets, Artistic Director of Theater aan het Spui 
19.00    NOWADAYS WITH SONAR - The Conker Group (UK) - (The Tempest)
Two young lads in an ancient world, waiting for a storm. There's really nothing funny about facing your impending death. Is there? An inventive, fragmented and mischievous piece on the importance (or not) of what's old and slow. And, if you’ve ever fancied being on stage - this show will feature a guest appearance from a member of the audience...

20.20 THE SONNET MAN - Devon Glover (US)

Devon sets Shakespeare’s love sonnets to the rhythm of Hip Hop and reimagines the poetry of the sixteenth century for a twenty first century audience. Conceived and produced by Broadway playwright Arie Shaw, this is Shakespeare as you’ve never heard him before. His interpretation embodies the richness of Shakespeare’s language and imbues it with a passionate, natural delivery creating an inspiring and exhilarating experience.

21.00 LOST IN DENMARK by Het Vijfde Bedrijf (NL) - (Hamlet)
Performed by the well known Dutch actress Annemarie de Bruijn, and here, taking her starting point the incredible fact that a web search of “Hamlet” produces about 12 million results in less than half a minute, she goes in search of a man who it seems no one gets tired of talking about. Through the eyes of Horatio, Hamlet’s friend, she investigates the man who has intrigued so many, and discovers that they have more in common than she might have expected.


16.30 REPERTORY THEATRE by Israeli Company Mouse and Elephant (Hamlet).
When a young playwright is invited by a Hamlet-obsessed director to discuss his debut play, he rapidly finds out there is a gulf between art and commerce. The director is obsessed with the playwright’s father, who died on stage performing Hamlet, and convinces himself that this is the true meaning of the play despite all the playwright’s protestations, going so far as to suggest ridiculous rewrites to make it conform to the vision he has for it.
17.45   - 19.00  Foyer Programme: A Shakespearean Surprise
19.00   NOWADAYS WITH SONAR by the Conker Group (UK)
20.30  THE SONNET MAN   -  Devon Glover (US).
A one hour long HipHop performance by the man who was transformed by Shakespeare himself. A fresh and wonderful new way of experiencing the Bard's sonnets. Devon’s story is an inspiration in itself. Born and raised along with two brothers by a single mom in Brooklyn, he has strived all his life to make something of himself and to give back.  

21.45  PANEL DISCUSSION with Shakespeare scholars, directors and the actors on the role of Shakespeare in the modern world and how differing cultural perspectives might influence and affect the understanding and presentation of the texts.


14.45    Doors open
15.45    GEORGE and ERAN Dis|Solve World Peace - Rast Theatre Company (NL)
Since they shared a single pair of trousers on stage, Syrian-Dutch George and Dutch-Israeli Eran have been the best of friends. In the conflict comedy George & Eran Dis/solve World Peace they address the problems in the Middle East.
With a combination of Jewish self-deprecation and Syrian devotion, they examine their family histories and personal perspectives. Their aim? To solve the conflict once and for all. And they did! They found the solution! Peace.
With this piece you will be seeing work in progress. The play will be performed at at TEDX event at the end of November and you will be amongst the first people to experience what has been (very) loosely described as "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern on three legs"

18.15    Bar open for food and drinks

This weekend is part of the The Hague Shakespeare Festival.

can also be seen in Amsterdam

25 November 2014  - 20.30  De Melkweg, Lijnbaansgracht 234a, 1017 PH Amsterdam
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