Repertory theatre by mouse and elephant



by  Elephant & Mouse TC (Tel Aviv- Israel)
Actors: Iftach Jeffrey Ophir and Erez Drigues
Writer: Eldad Cohen
Translator: Iftach Jeffrey Ophir

…a manic 2 man whirlwind show full of Shakespeare satire, energy, comedy
and a lot of spit!”
 (Hast Theatre)


SAT 22 November 2014  -  16.30 as part of The Hague Shakespeare Fringe Weekend
SUN 23 November 2014  - 17.00 as part of The Hague Shakespeare Fringe weekend
Zaal 3 (Room 3) De Constant Rebqueplein 20a,  2518 RA The Hague

TUE 25 November 2014  - 20.30
De Melkweg Theatre, Lijnbaansgracht 234a, 1017 PH Amsterdam


Tickets - The Hague Shakespeare Fringe (The Hague ): € 15,00 or as part of a daypass
Tickets - De Melkweg (Amsterdam):   € 18,50 / € 10,00 (Students/CJP) - other discounts available

or T 06 300 500 18 


A young, timid playwright is invited by a neurotic, Hamlet-obsessed theatre manager to discuss his debut play. When creativity meets commerce things are never easy, but nothing has prepared this young man for the debate that embroils him. As it turns out the artistic director has a personal agenda concerning the playwright’s legendary actor/father, who mysteriously died on stage whilst performing Hamlet. As the room becomes crowded with ghosts from the past, skeletons from the closet and other revived clichés, the thin borders between conscious and subconscious, theatre and real-life, implode in a groundbreaking climax.

This quick paced comedy by contemporary Israeli playwright Eldad Cohen, (who won Best Writer in the 2013 Israeli fringe theatre awards for Repertory Theatre), took the 2012 and 2013 Edinburgh Fringe festival by storm, receiving numerous 5 stars reviews and a nomination for "Best Ensemble" by the prestigious theatrical paper "The Stage". It recently toured Europe and at the Stockholm Fringe Festival, it was honoured with the prestigious STOFF Grand Prix award for excellence.

Repertory Theatre is the debut production of Elephant and Mouse, a Tel-Aviv based theatre company, formed by Erez Drigues and Iftach Jeffrey Ophir. Both are currently working in major Israeli Rep theatres, as well as creating independently in fringe theatres.




... AN EXTRA ORDINARY SHOWCASE OF 'TALENT UNTAMED"  -  Adam Potrykus Founder Stockholm Fringe


“Repertory Theatre is a demanding show for actors Erez Drigues, as the neurotic artistic director, and Jeffrey Ophir, who switches between two characters with seemingly effortless precision. The pair give athletic and unabashed performances, and are unafraid of letting the audience in on the joke, commenting on their successes triumphantly.” (Fringeguru)

“It is almost impossible not to laugh at various points during this 2-hander, but in the end, it may be (as Hamlet himself observes early on), “caviar for the general”.”  (Informed in Edinburgh)

“…a manic 2 man whirlwind show full of Shakespeare satire, energy, comedy and a lot of spit!” (haste theatre)

“Repertory Theatre is probably the most bizarre, ridiculous farce that I’ve seen at the Fringe and it is hilariously funny…. To watch these two talented actors perform is exhausting. They have incredible comic timing and amazing physicality. An accomplished, exciting theatrical piece.” (Robin Strapp- British Theatreguide)

“A delightfully off-kilter Hamlet takes centre-stage in this superb, absurdist, psychosexual comedy by the Tel Aviv-based theatre company The Elephant and the Mouse.” (By Lee Levitt - August 19, 2012)