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The Hague Shakespeare Festival 
19 November - 1 December

STET The English Theatre, Het Vijfde Bedrijf and the Koninklijke Schouwburg present an exciting and inspiring, but slightly different-than-usual take on Shakespeare during the first edition of the The Hague Shakespeare Festival from 19 November to 1 December 2013 in The Hague’s Koninklijke Schouwburg. With two weeks full of never-before-seen (Women of Will and The Impromptus) and well-known (The Rape of Lucrece, Lady M and Much Ado about Nothing) Shakespeare productions by theatre practitioners from the United States (Tina Packer and Nigel Gore), Britain (Royal Shakespeare Company and Infinite Jest) and the Netherlands (Het Vijfde Bedrijf and Theatre of Entanglement.)

A hugely varied and inspiring educational programme will offer plays and workshops at schools and in the theatre. The master class Teaching with Shakespeare by Tina Packer is a not-to-be-missed eye-opener, providing inspirational tools for teachers in the classroom.

During the last weekend of the festival Dutch and Anglo-Saxon theatre makers meet to explore their different theatre traditions, each presenting the same scene from one of Shakespeare’s plays. A public presentation of their work in the Koninklijke Schouwburg is the icing on the cake of this exciting new Shakespeare Festival in The Hague.

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