As you like it by william shakespeare


Shakespeare's hilarious comedy for four couples..

British Open-Air Theatre Company Illyria
returns to The Netherlands with this romantic story



No other touring open-air theatre company has performed so many different Shakespeare titles to so many people, winning so many awards, as Illyria.

As You Like It is Shakespeare's ultimate romantic comedy. Four people each find their perfect soulmates in the Forest of Arden. One pair leap straight into bed, another are instantly struck by each other's beauty, the third torment each other endlessly - while the fourth enjoy a courtship that is so witty and playful that Love itself is stretched to the limit. But pitted against political intrigue, multiple disguises and overwhelming cynicism, can even Love win through in the end...?

With its pearls of wisdom, glittering repartee and gloriously happy ending this is not only one of Shakespeare's most popular plays but also the perfect comedy for a summer's evening. For authenticity the production is performed on a stage based on those used by 16th-century touring companies.


28 August      19.30  Kasteel Heeswijk Heeswijk-Dinther nr Den Bosch € 18,50 presale - € 20,50
31 August      19.00  Raadhuis de PaauwRaadhuislaan 22, Wassenaar from € 12,50 - € 35,00 Airline Style*
1 September 15.00  Raadhuis de Paauw, Raadhuislaan 22, Wassenaar from € 12,50 - € 35,00 Airline Style*
5 september 19.00  Raadhuis de Paauw, Raadhuislaan 22, Wassenaar from € 12,50 - € 35,00 *
7 September 19.30  Schovenhorst Estate, Garderenseweg 93, Putten(Veluwe) € 15,00 presale - € 17,50
8 September 14.00  Kasteel Keppel, Laag Keppel, nr Arnhem € 17,50 presale <1.08> € 25,00


Online (all but Keppel) in STET Ticketshop or T 06 300 500 18 alternatively contact the locations
For Keppel: T 06 1714 3388 or


British Open Air Theatre Company Illyria has been bringing top quality entertainment since 1991 to local and international audiences for well over two decades, so it’s time to pack a picnic and sit back and enjoy as they as they return their attentions to one of Shakespeare’s most famous comedies: As You Like It!

The cast Illyria bring for As You Like It are an experienced and intrepid band of professional actors who perform Shakespeare’s plays entirely uncut and direct from the First Folio, the most authoritative edition of Shakespeare’s plays. Uniquely among open- air theatre companies Illyria’s artistic director, Oliver Gray, has published articles on verse-speaking and scholars on both sides of the Atlantic agree that Illyria’s performance style is the most authentically Elizabethan to be seen! So don’t miss them perform this, one of the greatest of Shakespeare’s comedies!

Some Audience Comments:
30 August 2013 As You Like It - Wassenaar
Thank you. As ever a fantastic, ingenious performance that was highly entertaining. Talented performers and a great mix of comedy and seriousness. " - Liz Jones

And for a great (Dutch) review of the 28 August show at Heeswijk Castle nr Den Bosch, click here..

Completely brilliant production ...

Most enjoyable and brilliantly inventive. My two kids loved it also. Will keep a watch out for your next performances ... friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance .... All the performers were amazingly talented and energetic..

It was great fun and put a smile on everyone's face...

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All locations open two hours prior for picnics in the open-air. So get out your hampers and rugs and have a lovely time with family and friends. 
All locations offer food (snacks) and drinks on site. 
Normal facilities are available.

Please Note

Bad weather does not stop the performance! Dress accordingly and remember the evenings can get quite chilly in September. There is no cover for the audiences.(Nor for the actors for that matter!)
Some venues have free seats for you available and at others you can rent a seat upon arrival or alternatively take your own.

The organisers do not take any responsibility for the weather, blame it on the gods.....