Lady m, a taster...


Shakespeare only gave her ONE scene...
Performed by Het Vijfde Bedrijf

Lady M


20, 21 and 22 June 20.30 (Previews for Edinburgh!)
Duration performance 65 mins

Koninklijke Schouwburg – Het Paradijs
Korte Voorhout 3
2511 CW The Hague

How to get there?


€ 5,00 only to reserve your seat
You are invited to support the production generously on the night.

Please reserve your seat online in The English Theatre’s Ticketshop or T 06 300 500 18.


Lady M is a comedy solo based on one of the greatest tragedies ever written, Macbeth. In this version of Macbeth Lady Macbeth's maid servant takes the lead! Shakespeare gave her only ONE scene in the original play. But how can she share everything she knows in just ONE SCENE? Now the stage is hers and she divulges all the gruesome details that Shakespeare neglected to mention.

STET has joined forces with Het Vijfde Bedrijf, a young Hague based company. Actress Annemarie de Bruijn will show her successful show Lady M this summer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A superb English translation has been made and the international community of The Hague will be able to see it as well. Besides the tasters in June it will also show in the autumn, 10 – 13 October, in Het Paradijs, studio theatre of the Koninklijke Schouwburg.

Annemarie gives three previews before going off to the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. We invite you to join her for these taster performances. After the show Annemarie would love to meet you and hear your comments: A unique way to join in the process to make this wonderful piece of work shine even more in Edinburgh.

Going to Edinburgh, even when you are invited to show your work like Annemarie, costs a lot of money. Therefore we appeal to the audience present to make a donation towards these costs. Every penny helps and during the evening there will be fun schemes, like free tickets for upcoming shows in a raffle, to encourage you to be generous. And who would not like to get a jar of Haggis of THE Lady M label.


AND if you cannot make it to the performance or run out of money on the night, then you can also support Lady M online in Voor de Kunst, a platform for crowdfunding. It is easy to donate online this way, for more information and an encounter with Annemarie online, click here..

We thank the Municipality of The Hague for its support and Kelly’s Expat Shopping for the jars with Haggis.

NOTE for football fans we will provide you with the scores on the night!!!!!