The zebra and the lion workshop

(4-8 yrs) all year

(2 – 11 yrs) all year


(4 – 8 yrs)

“We have more to learn from animals than animals
have to learn from us” 
– Anthony D. Williams

The Zebra and The Lion workshops are all about getting everyone to step into the wonderful world of animals – moving, interacting like them and giving sounds. Let your pupils’ imagination shine as the classroom transforms into a zoo of their own creation. Kaylee Good invites your pupils to a fascinating improvisation focusing on characteristics, hierarchy and friendships of animals. Let them BE the zebra, experience how they feel when they meet the lion, the snake or the rabbit. Workshops are tailor-made to the age groups and interactive. Your pupils will experience a creative introduction to making theatre through using all their senses!


COST € 250 / workshop, inc 9% VAT – discounts for more than one workshop a day. We can also help you with fundraising!
DATES Can be booked in school year 2018-2019 and 2019-2020
TIME AND DURATION 50 minutes (4-6 yrs), 60 minutes (7-8 yrs)
LOCATION Your school, or a location you provide. Venue: bigger classroom without chairs and tables
AGE 4- 8 yrs
PARTICIPANTS max 15 students / session
WORKSHOP LEADER Kaylee Good, professional theatre maker, workshop leader
LANGUAGE English (Kaylee is a native English speaker from the US)
PREPARATION No preparation needed.

The Zoo workshops

  • build confidence in speaking and listening
  • teach teamwork and ensemble building skills
  • help develop understanding of story and character, based on their shared knowledge of the animal kingdom
  • introduce fun drama techniques
  • give pupils a magical “classroom-to-theatre” experience

Meet your workshop leader

Kaylee Good is an American professional theatre maker based in The Hague. She has an extensive teaching experience for the theatre for both adults and children.
She received her MA in Theatre Studies from The University of Amsterdam in 2018 and her BA in Theatre and Film: Acting and Directing from Indiana University in 2011. Before moving to The Netherlands, Kaylee opened a theatre company, Khaos Company Theatre in Indianapolis IN where she served as the Artistic Director from 2014-2017 before moving to Amsterdam.


Booking and information

T: +31 6 44168483

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