Stories at Christmas Time Workshop

Stories that keep us human by Master Storyteller, Ashley Ramsden

9- 20 December 2024

Imagine a storytelling workshop that focuses on the true, authentic Christmas we all wish for with real connection with each other, warmth in all sense and meaningful togetherness.

In this storytelling workshop your students will learn from master storyteller, Ashley Ramsden (UK) who has devoted his whole life to looking for inspiring stories, hope and real togetherness through storytelling. Your students will both learn powerful storytelling techniques and hear the storyteller use these techniques in a heartwarming Christmas story.


COST €450 / 1 hour (60 minutes, no break)
€550 / 1,5 hours (90 minutes, no break)
€ 650 / 3 hours (240 minutes, with break)
Prices are negotiable, discounts for more than one session
DATE Monday 9 – Friday 20 December 2024
RUNNING TIME You can choose to have a 1, 1,5 or a 3 hours session. You can also suggest different running times.
VENUE Your school or a location you provide
AGE RANGE 12 – 26 years – the workshops are tailored to the age of your students

The workshop is the most effective and enjoyable for participants when there are maximum 15 students with the workshop leader. We advise two sessions OR two workshop leaders if you have more students than 15. Get in touch to discuss details.

LANGUAGE English (Ashley Ramsden is from the UK)
OPTIONAL Ashley Ramsden performs the authentic A Christmas Carol performance single-handed. Note, the performance can be booked separately and costs €985. Click here to find out more.

Key benefits to students

  • Language learning in a dynamic, stylistic and entertaining way
  • Empathy skills
  • Cultural understanding – telling stories allows people to experience different worlds, countries, and traditions…
  • Creative thinking
  • Develop resourcefulness – learning to adapt and thrive within given scenarios and limitations
  • Preparing for Christmas in a meaningful, warm and real way

What is the ultimate goal of the session? 

We all want your students to have a good time thinking about hope, all the things they are grateful for and engage in the storytelling activities. However, the real fruit of these sessions would be for some of these students to tell the stories they have learned to others. The storyteller will also urge them to pass them on to the parents or friends. This is how stories are the strongest, most alive; when they are believed in, told and retold to pass on hope!

Meet your workshop leader

Ashley Ramsden is the founding director of the School of Storytelling (UK). He has toured with his remarkable storytelling programmes on all five continents, has appeared at major storytelling festivals in the UK, South Africa, Scandinavia and America.

"Ashley is a modern day wizard. He turns any room into a magical place, any audience into a willing participant and the magic that ensues is visible and palpable. Students start by listening to a story, then identify the key events, make a storyboard, identify and name emotions and get to create magic themselves by putting everything together again, as the story they tell comes to life." Andreea Boef, Dalton Den Haag (2020)

Booking and information

T: +31 6 20431919