Removed (12+)

Solo performance with Conor O’Donnell (Northern Ireland)

15 – 20 February 2023

at your school

Removed is the latest, intimate monologue by award-winning, Belfast-based theatre company, Prime Cut Productions. It tells the story of Adam, a young person who has grown up in the Northern Irish Social Care system. It is a funny, poignant and affecting story of Adam that offers a glimpse into the often unknown experiences of growing up as a “Looked After” child. At your request, we can complement the experience with a tailor-made workshop to suit your group of students.

Cost €1,150 + 9% BTW + local travel costs
Date Wednesday 15  – Monday 20 February  2023
Running Time 50 minute show + after show talk
Venue At your school or a location you provide
Age Range 12+, we recommend 14-26 yrs (please consult with us).  The show contains some strong language.
Audience Up to 90 students
Language English (actor is from Northern Ireland)
Workshop   A tailor-made drama workshop is designed to accompany the show and is priced separately.

Key areas of focus

  • Using theatre games to explore the themes of belonging, roots and trust
  • An engaging way to learn about oneself and social systems in place
  • Unleashing participant’s creativity and empowering them

Key benefits to students

  • Practicing empathy skills
  • Safe space to share stories
  • Express a range of emotions and get encouragement
  • Discover ways to be grateful and thankful

Option: book a workshop

A special workshop is designed to accompany the Removed performance and can be booked separately. The ideal setup is to watch the show and after a pause to split up into groups. The groups then work out the feelings that came up, thoughts that arose and experiences that came to mind during the show. Using theatre exercises to explore the themes of belonging, roots and trust, the workshop takes the experience a step further and encourages the students to think and feel for themselves.

As the theme of the performance is heavy and deals with emotions that are deeply imbedded in humans, the workshop takes a positive outlook. The workshop is best suited for groups of max. 15 students.

NOTE: The workshop is not included in the performance offer. Workshop fee will tailored to your request.

Change Makers and Awards

Removed is not based on the experiences of one individual, but rather an amalgam of the many interviews gathered by Fionnuala Kennedy (director), with Voice of Young People In Care, a group of young people with care experience who are campaigning for changes to the care system in Northern Ireland.

Since March 2019 Removed has played to critical acclaim and sell out audiences at Dublin Theatre Festival, Baboro International Children’s Festival and in partnership with Clanmil Housing, Barnardo’s NI, Home for Good, VOYPIC, TUSLA and EPIC has delivered a wide-reaching outreach and engagement programme across the Island of Ireland. In January 2020 Removed performed  as part of the Irish Showcase at IPAY Philadelphia and was nominated for the Best Director Award (for Emma Jordan) in the 2019 Irish Times Theatre Awards.

A digital version was subsequently filmed as selected for Traverse 3 Online (Edinburgh Festival 2020), Culture Ireland’s SEODA 2021 Showcase, Imaginate Edinburgh Showcase, Solas Nua (USA) Showcase and the Australia UK online season at Sydney Opera House.  It is the centrepiece of a Northern Ireland wide Care-Awareness Training Programme for Social and Health Care Workers and is the winner of the Irish Writers Guild Award for Best Theatre Script (2021) for Fionnuala Kennedy, the Arts & Business NI Creative Communities Award (2021)and was nominated for the Best Director Award (for Emma Jordan) in the 2020 Irish Times Theatre Awards. In 2023 in addition to The Netherlands, Removed will also tour to Belgium and Australia.

Fionnuala Kennedy (director) said:

"Going into the interviews, my knowledge of the care system was really limited. Your ideas are informed by things you've overheard or assume. So we just started from the beginning: when young people are taken into care- that day or night or moment when you're removed from the familiar and brought into a system where it's difficult to have autonomy over your life, because, as a child, things are decided for you."

Booking and information


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