Feel Alive

Film and workshop with LGBTIQ+ theme (ages 15+)

STET is proud to offer this new, wonderfully diverse and inclusive annual programme for secondary school students. 

Students first watch a short film “London Loves You” on the subject of LGBTIQ+. Then they get on their feet and continue with a drama workshop on the themes of the film, exploring behaviour, perceptions and identity matters. In this interactive session, students are encouraged to be creative and expressive with the help of several drama exercises, lead by a professional, experienced actor.

This specific workshop is designed to spark a meaningful conversation among students and therefore give the added plus of social awareness and inclusivity on top of having a great time during the drama-based exercises. 

Booking Details

COST € 390 / 90 minute session – discounts for more than one workshop on the same day
DATE Date of your choice, in particular on or around Purple Friday, Dec. 8 2023
RUNNING TIME 90 minutes – 15 minute film and 1,25 hour workshop
VENUE At your school. Classroom or hall with a screen for streaming
GROUP SIZE Maximum 25 students per workshop group with 1 assistant from school. 
LANGUAGE English (held by native speakers)
ADVISED PREPARATIONS It is wise to prepare the students with some open questions about the subject prior to the workshop date. Questions could include: How can schools help students feel safe and build mutual respect? Why are diversity issues hard to talk about sometimes? Do you think that different generations see diversity differently?

What is Purple Friday?

This is a day when all students in schools can show their solidarity with the LGBTIQ+ community, simply by wearing something purple. Called “Paarse Vrijdag” in the Netherlands this event has been celebrated here since 2010 on the second Friday of December at hundreds of schools across the country.

Programme goals

Key areas of focus

  • Using theatre games to explore identity, relationships and stereotypes
  • Sexual orientation and gender issues
  • Expressions of solidarity for social groups
  • Unleashing participant’s creativity and empowering them

Key benefits to students

  • Enjoy a colourful participation in LGBT themed day
  • Growing confidence regarding their own sexuality
  • Finding bonds within the community
  • Safe space to share stories
  • Practicing empathy skills

About the Film

London Loves You (5 mins, 2016, UK)

Students discuss LGBT issues with their peers and share their thoughts

What to expect at the workshop

During the interactive workshop students will have the opportunity to learn about LGBTIQ+ experiences in an international context. The workshop will also offer them a safe space to share their personal reflections and experiences. The materials made available for the programme and workshop have been carefully selected for students aged 15-18.

Your workshop leader

Workshop Leader Kaylee Good is one of our permanent actors, with whom we love to work. Kaylee holds a MA in Theatre Studies from The University of Amsterdam. She has lead many creative and immersive theatre groups. American by origin, she also teaches English EAL/ESL. She brings with her experience from an international youth camp in which she participated for STET in the summer of 2022, on the same theme. We are thrilled to work with her again on this significant day.

Booking and information

E: education@theenglishtheatre.nl

T: +31 6 2043 1919