One of Two Performance and Workshop (14+)

With Jack Hunter (Scotland)

5, 6 and 9 October 2023*

at your school

The title One of Two refers to twins living with cerebral palsy. Hunter both writes and performs the story about himself and his twin sister, Bec, growing up. Both were affected by cerebral palsy after oxygen deprivation when born eight weeks premature, but to different degrees and received very different responses from those around them.

It is an absurdly funny show that focuses on the significance of human connection and the intense effect it can have on our lives. Centered around the unique bond he shares with his twin sister, Jack embarks upon a journey of self discovery to find his place in the universe. Although personal at its core this show sets out to playfully question common perceptions and misconceptions about disability. The workshop that follows the performance is tailor-made to suit your particular students. Show and workshop go hand in hand and our advice is to book them together.

One of Two was written by Jack Hunter, during his enrolment on the Birds of Paradise and Playwright Studio Scotland Disabled Playwright Award in 2021. The performance was directed by the amazing and inimitable Robert Softley Gale, director of Birds of Paradise.

Cost €1,250 only performance + 9% BTW + local travel costs

€350 only workshop for a small group +0% BTW

€1,500 for both the performance and the workshop + 9% BTW + local travel costs

Date Thursday 5, Friday 6 or Monday 9 October 2023
Running Time 2 hours: 60 minute show – 10 minute break – 50 minute workshop
Venue At your school or a location you provide
Age Range For all ages, we recommend 14+ (please consult with us)
Participants 90 school students for the show, 15 students for the workshop
Language English (actor from Scotland)
Workshop Dive deeper into the themes: disability, bullying, character and dignity. A unique chance for your students to meet an exceptional young artist and to learn about the social model of disability: disabled people are impaired by societal barriers, not their disability.

More about what your students will experience

The purpose of the show, by Jack Hunter

One of Two is an autobiographical one-man comedy drama that focuses on the significance of human connection, and the integral effect it can have on our lives. The play is centered around the unique relationship I have with my twin sister Bec. We both have differing manifestations of cerebral palsy (she is a wheelchair user, unlike myself), Bec and I’s experience within secondary and further education was vastly different. This primarily came down to contrasting attitudes of how educational professionals and fellow students perceived us. Consequently, we both faced vast societal barriers. However, Bec’s struggle was much greater than mine. The fate of Bec and I as dual protagonists are inexplicably linked, which makes for an exciting and thought-provoking show.

Target Audience

  • A non-disabled audience of any age; One of Two raises awareness of the societal barriers that disabled people face but provokes the audience into reflecting upon their own perceptions of disability.
  • Previous performances have proven that the story is empowering and connects with disabled audiences.

Dive deeper: book the workshop

In this workshop your students will meet Jack Hunter, the writer and performer of the show in an intimate session. The students will learn about the social model of disability: disabled people are impaired by societal barriers, NOT their disability. Jack will relate this to how disabled stories are represented in theatre, film and Tv. Your students will be encouraged to embrace their own individuality. The workshop will be tailored to the age of students and will have the time and space to ask everything they are curious about!

Key Themes

  • Bullying and its implications
  • Mental health
  • The inequality that exists between disabled and non-disabled people
  • How our education system (fails to) support young disabled people

Key benefits to students

  • Practicing empathy skills
  • Safe space to share stories
  • Meeting a disabled theatre maker, with Cerebral Palsy, and learning about their creative journey
  • Overcoming adversity and how to tell an autobiographical story
  • To express a range of emotions and to get encouragement

Why should you book this?

If you still need a reason….

  1. It takes place during the Week van Toegankelijkheid organised by This platform provides a connection to other organisations, from shops to schools, who are joining in the common cause in the Netherlands.
  2. This is a show at your school that creates empathy for mental health.
  3. The show argues that accessibility is not only a question of being able to get to a space, but also about being accepted in all spaces. Something important to make your students aware of.
  4. This show will only be presented for a few days in the Netherlands – don’t miss your chance to invite it to your school.

Watch the trailer


“I regard his performance as nothing short of masterful ”

– Ella Catherall, Neurodiverse Review (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

Booking and information


T: +31 6 2043 1919