actor sits on a chair during performance of My Left Nut

My Left Nut Performance and Workshop (14+)

With Michael Patrick and Oisín Kearney (Northern Ireland)

27, 28 or 31 October 2022

at your school

The award winning comedic production of My Left Nut is a coming of age play about friendship, family, grief and testicles. Written by the highly acclaimed Michael Patrick and Oisín Kearney, the duo has taken their own personal experiences and friendship to the next level by co-writing, acting and directing My Left Nut. The workshop that follows the performance is tailor-made to suit that particular student school audience. Show and workshop go hand in hand and our advice is to book them together.

Cost €1,750 (performance + workshops in small groups) + 9% BTW + local travel costs
Date Thursday 27 – Monday 31 October 2022
Running Time 2 hours: 50 minute show, 10 minute break, 1 hour workshop
Venue At your school or a location you provide
Age Range 14 +, we recommend 16 -26 yrs (please consult with us)
Participants 90 school students for the show, split into 3 groups for the workshops
Language English (actors are from Northern Ireland)
Workshop Theme  Write Your Own Story: Difficult Issues

More about the Workshop

Write your own story: difficult issues

Learn how to find humour in something difficult to talk about to turn it into something artistic: a comedy.

Students have perhaps experienced a personal issue that embarrassed or frightened them. It could be mental or it could be physical. Could this be the provocation for a creative project? But how do you start to talk about it? The story of our protagonist is auto-biographical. It includes material not easily shared or expressed. Yet, this story has a happy end. In this workshop students explore elements of their story to make a work of art. The outcomes can be revealing as they increase their powers of expression, learn self-confidence and share memories, in a fun environment.

What it is not about…

The main focus of the workshop will be on the craft and art of turning a personal memory into something creative. While the outcome may have psychological benefits, the purpose is not to heal a private problem, but rather to explore the process of creation based on issues such as those that underpin the play. In order to prepare for the performance, we strongly recommend that teachers inform themselves of the content, discuss and assess with students which personal issues might be sensitive. We are also available if you wish to know more about how to prepare for the play and workshop.

Key areas of focus

  • Using theatre games to explore friendship, family and grief
  • Learning about comedy writing
  • An entertaining and engaging way to learn about oneself
  • Unleashing participant’s creativity and empowering them

Key benefits to students

  • Practicing empathy skills
  • Safe space to share stories
  • Growing confidence regarding their own creativity
  • Discovering ways to reframe a personal problem
  • To express a range of emotions and to get encouragement

Meet the workshop leaders

Michael Patrick (actor/writer) and Oisín Kearney (writer/director) are a theatre-making team based in Belfast. Michael acted in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 2019/20 season. Oisín, as well as being a documentarian, is resident Assistant Director at the Lyric Theatre Belfast 2019/20. Together they have co-written several plays and toured Ireland with one of their productions. My Left Nut was commissioned as a three-part series for the BBC, the first TV commission for the writing duo. They continue to write and produce exciting and successful works. They give us story-telling at its most intimate and most affecting.

man with distressed face stands in boxer shorts
© Michael Patrick
Speaking from personal experience

“If you had told me ten years ago that I would eventually write a play about my swollen testicle, and perform it to hundreds of people, there is no way I would have believed you… back then I hadn’t even told my mum.”

Michael Patrick, Actor

Trusting eachother

“It has been a challenge to direct a friend in a one-man show based on his own experience, but to facilitate the telling of a heartwarming and hilarious story in a compelling way is, for me, what this theatre craic (a good time) is all about.”

Oisín Kearney, Director

actor and director discuss
© Michael Patrick and Oisín Kearney

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Booking and information


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