Climate Change Empowerment Workshop

An actors’ approach to empowering young voices for a greener tomorrow

By Rebecca Poole and Kaylee Good

We’re proud to announce our long term Erasmus+ partnership with Spanish FOCO and Italian Calypso theatre companies. Together, we aim to tackle the pressing issue of climate change by engaging secondary school-aged students. Each acting in their own countries, Spain, Italy and STET Education in the Netherlands, we welcome young people from all backgrounds..

Our mission is simple: to empower young people to confront environmental challenges with the tools of non-formal theatre. Through dynamic workshops, we will EMPOWER your students to do what they CAN do in their own environment. These workshops are not about feeding more information into their minds about the huge topic of climate change. It is exactly the opposite: our aim is to make them less inhibited and feel more capable to tackle it.

We’re looking for enthusiastic student groups aged 13 to 18. Our 2-hour workshops are designed to be both informative and enjoyable. If you’re a school, NGO, community center or drama group with a keen interest in empowering young voices in the climate conversation, then get in touch with us now. We make it easy for groups to join: we can plan workshops at times that suit the group,  leaders will come to your location, and best of all, participation is entirely free!


COST Free for the school/society/NGO booking it!
DATE September 2024 – May 2025 (anytime between these dates, to suit you)
RUNNING TIME 2 workshops of 2 hours each
VENUE Your school or a location you provide
AGE RANGE 13 – 18 years old
PARTICIPANTS Max. 5 to 25 young people per session, same class for both sessions
LANGUAGE English (Rebecca is from the UK. Kaylee from the USA)
REQUEST A THEME Are you working on a particular climate change topic? The actors can focus on the theme that you or your students currently study or are concerned about. Workshops are made age appropriate.

When nature calls, these actors inspire!

Rebecca 1

Your workshop leaders

Rebecca Poole (on the left) is British and lives in Capelle aan den IJssel with her family. A caring and earthy person, she is trained in physical movement and acting. She is incredibly resourceful with young people and has a warm sense of community and togetherness. Rebecca helped design the workshops for this project.

Kaylee Good (on the right) is from the USA and lives in The Hague. She is fun with children, creates imaginary stories to playfully explore serious themes, and lets them use all their senses. Kaylee is well-travelled and enjoys the cultures of this world. She is an experienced teacher and actor.


Workshop goals

  • to EMPOWER young people in using their voices that can have an impact
  • to teach some practical skills of how to use their voice
  • to get them creatively using their voices
  • to help them be more in their physical bodies and feel secure
  • to educate them about the small but significant steps they can take themselves regarding climate change
  • to let them realize the incredible impact they have on their environment on a daily basis

Key benefits to students

  • Communication skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Empathy skills
  • Develop resourcefulness – learning to adapt and thrive within given scenarios and limitations
  • Learning to be an active participant of a group
  • Exploring how to show your personality and let it shine

This session is for you if:

  • you have a group of students, who:
    • speak English
    • are 13 – 18 yrs old
    • group size is between 8 – 25 student
    • are interested about climate change and empowerment
  • are from a school, NGO, library, buurthuis, drama group
  • we can accommodate maximum 2 groups from the same organisation

Workshop topics you can choose from:

  • Flooding and sea level rise
  • Extreme weather/storms
  • Air pollution
  • Forest fires
  • Topic of your choice


NOTE: Your feedback matters to us

These new workshops are designed from scratch. They are pilot workshops. Your groups are the first to try the exercises and to watch their impact. We therefore value your feedback and are grateful for helpful advice from you, as a teacher or participant. Don’t hesitate to enter into the conversation and tell us what you think.

Booking and information

T: +31 6 20431919

Download the PDF about this workshop