American Tales Untold  II

(14 -18 yrs)


Until we are all free, we are none of us free” – Emma Lazarus.

American Tales Untold II is a show of two gripping stories about discrimination and mistrust in the troubled black history of America. However, more than just two stories, American Tales Untold II is as relevant today as ever! There is a lot of anger and intolerance towards immigrants, migrants and refugees these days. What does it mean to be different in today’s society and why are countries so hostile to people fleeing economic crises and political persecution? By looking through the lens of a different time and place, students of today have the chance to see that racism and intolerance are twin evils that can rise up around them at any time.


American Tales Untold II strives to be much more than just an interesting show about America’s past. It wants to open up awareness within the young students of how they think (or perhaps don’t think!) about the minorities and underprivileged groups in their community.


COSTS €795 /performance + 9% VAT (or €1000 + 9% VAT / performance + workshop) + travel costs from Weesp
BOOKING TIME School years 2023-2024 and 2024-2025
DURATION 60 min, no break
VENUE your school or another location you provide
AGE RANGE 14 – 18 years old
AUDIENCE maximum 100 students
LANGUAGE English (intermediate)
PREPARATIONS We provide a short document with historical background about the stories of the performance. The teachers are asked to prepare their students prior the show.
 WORKSHOP Jeremiah Fleming is also an experienced workshop leader. Book the workshop to allow more time and space for your students to dive deeper into the theme of the show with the added benefit of getting answers to their questions, working on interactive exercises in small groups. The workshop can be before or after the performance, even on a separate day if you prefer.
NOTE, the workshop can be booked separately and costs €250 (only up to 15 students).

Dare to ask questions! What do you think about racism?

American Tales Untold is a combination of two chapters from the American past in the literal sense, literary sense and figurative sense. Jeremiah narrates a chapter from Richard Wright’s autobiography Black Boy and a chapter from Walter White’s autobiography, A Man Called White, both of whom were African-American. These two autobiographies expose the racism & oppression that both men had to deal with growing up and living in the Deep South of America at the beginning of the 20th Century.
Although both of the real life incidents that the authors talk about took place 100 years ago, they are as relevant today as they were last century. In his lesson material and post-performance talk Jeremiah strives to show the correlation between what was taking place back then in America and the discrimination that refugees and immigrants are facing in present day Europe. He wants the students to ask themselves important questions that perhaps they haven’t thought about:
    • Who is the other?
    • Why is he/she the other?
    • Who gets to define who the other is?
    • How do we treat the other?
American Tales Untold II strives to be much more than just an interesting show about America’s “Jim Crow past”. It wants to open up awareness within the young pupils of how they think (or perhaps don’t think) about the minorities and under-privileged groups in their society.

More about Jeremiah Fleming

Jeremiah Fleming, originally from the United States, is the actor of American Tales Untold II. He made the Netherlands his home for more than 20 years. Before he has trained and performed in America, Israel, London and the Netherlands. He has performed for young audiences before as well. In 1992 he starts producing his own shows with special interest in performing theatre which not only reflects America’s political and social heritage, but also create theatre that is enlightening, stimulating and touches the audience personally.

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