All workshops and performances available during Corona times!
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Corona and bookings

These are uncertain times and we understand that you might hesitate to make advance bookings. However, if your school is not able to take part in the event because of any restriction due to Covid-19, cancellation is possible up to 7 days before the booked date. We hope that this flexible booking system will encourage you to take advantage of some of the great, extra-curricular activities STET has planned for 2020-21. Contact us with any further questions or reservations.

STET Education in keywords

Insightful and refreshing English drama workshops and theatre performances
Offers for schools (4- 26 years old), teachers and sometimes individuals
Native speakers, professional actors
Flexible and tailor-made projects
Creative, non-formal learning through drama and theatre
Enhancement of English language skills
A safe environment to build self-confidence, social and communication skills