STET No Limits – Inclusive Theatre Workshop

Drawing powerful inspiration from ‘being different together”, by Jonny Cotsen (UK)

Saturday 5 October, 14:00 – 15:30

Explore making theatre in a relaxed, participant-led and fun way. This interactive drama workshop was thoughtfully crafted for inclusivity. From deaf and hard-of-hearing participants to able-bodied persons and wheelchair users, people from all backgrounds and abilities can join as long as they share the love for theatre. Everyone is welcome!

This workshop encourages participation. Actively, participants take down barriers between people and promote working together, regaining a feeling of self-confidence. This is a safe space to reach out of your comfort zone. People who believe they can live a fuller, richer life, allowing the unexpected into their lives and stir up their belief system find a space here. With the kind guidance of your workshop leader, Jonny Cotsen (a deaf individual & inclusion consultant from the UK), you will experience the magic of theatre. Throughout 90 minutes of drama games and exercises you will feel, and be, a better YOU. 

To enhance your experience, join us during our STET No Limits Festival in The Hague for a vibrant discourse at our symposium on arts inclusion or watch a revealing international show on the topic.

Practical details

Date and time

Saturday 5 October 2024
14:00-15:30 (90 minutes, with a short break)


HNT Studio’s
Het Nationale Theater, Schouwburgstraat 10, 2511 VA Den Haag

Your profile

The workshop is open to all people (16+ yrs), whether they have experience in acting or not. The only requirement is a love for theatre and a desire to participate in an interactive workshop. We encourage everybody to take part from all walks of life. Sign up if you are adventurous, curious, ready to ask questions and fierce enough to find answers!
The workshop is accessible for:

  • deaf, hard of hearing people
  • blind people
  • people with Tourette syndrome
  • wheelchair-users
  • and able-bodied participants
  • and more!
  • get in touch if you don’t see yourself listed above and we will make sure to include you 🙂


Workshop tickets will be open soon, €25 / participant.
DISCOUNT: if you book the show (Deafy) and the workshop, you can buy the discounted show ticket (which is the student ticket at €18,50).


This workshop will be held at the HNT Studio. This venue and workshop space is fully accessible with wheelchair. If you have any concerns about your visit to this workshop or will be visiting using a wheelchair, walker, guide dog etc. please contact Berta Cusso at

Meet Jonny

Jonny is a teacher, a freelance facilitator, a workshop leader, and an avid football fan. He’s a father to young children. He is a campaigner, and an artist. His friends say that he’s outgoing and popular and that he loves music, festivals, and nightclubs.

Jonny is deaf. He was born deaf to hearing parents who were afraid that disability would stigmatise their son and the family. Deaf was not a term that was used in the Cotsen household. Jonny underwent ardent speech therapy and learnt to lip read. He did not identify himself as “deaf” until much later in life. From an early age he felt disconnected from his disability, but also disconnected from the world around him.

About the STET No Limits Festival

The workshop draws from the themes and content of the STET No Limits Festival. We highly recommend those visiting the workshop to see the actual work of professional disabled artists during our festival in the theatre. Are your roots tingling? Click here to find out more

NOTE: After this workshop you have the chance to see Deafy (from Canada). This performance is also part of the STET No Limits Festival. Watch a deaf master in action and experience a solo performance about what it means to belong as a deaf person. This performance ties in beautifully with the workshop content and compliments everything you have talked about. You will have to buy a saparate performance ticket for Deafy. 

STET Education

This event is part of STET Education programming. Since 2013 STET Education offers workshops and performances at schools or in the theatre, and since 2016 we also have open workshops for individuals led by international performers, like this one above. We seek to inspire and engage young people with arts education to help them reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible and international citizens. We highly value the direct contact with teachers, students and audience members. 

For more information and bookings, please get in contact us at
or +31 6 20 43 1919