Vicki teaching an Empowerment Workshop, Aditi retreat

Empowerment Session

A Movement Workshop by Vicki Igbokwe-Ozoagu

Saturday 3 June 2023, 14:00-15:30

The Empowerment session is delivered through movement, conversation and head wrapping. Celebrating women and girls, creating a safe space for self-discovery and the opportunity to tap into your authentic self. We embrace the importance of headwraps to women, including religion, a bad hair day, fashion, protective styling and loss of hair. This session encourages participants to think Fierce, be Fabulous and live Free… building self-confidence, counteracting the trend of young girls and women developing self-esteem issues-allowing women to celebrate who they are, to see themselves positively and feel uplifted. We engage in a universal discussion, as hair and beauty affect women of all ages, races, hair types and religious backgrounds.

Vicki will take you on a journey of fun, laughter, and self-discovery.  She doesn’t just ‘teach’, she mentors and coaches her learners. Empowering them to be ambitious with their future, transforming their limiting beliefs about their own ability and enabling them to push themselves further than what they think is capable.

Practical details

Date and time

Saturday 3 June 2023
14:00 – 15:30 (90 minutes, with a short break)


Zaal 3
De Constant Rebecqueplein 20A, Den Haag

Your profile

Adult WOMEN of all ages (18+), all walks of life who are adventurous, curious, ready to ask questions and fierce enough to find answers!


Workshop tickets here. €36 / participant (incl. VAT). There is a maximum of 12 places available.
NOTE: if you would like to see the show on the same day (3 June 20:00), you can book the discounted tickets here. (Look for Students / CJP / Under 30 / Companions €18.50/pp). 


This workshop will be held at Zaal 3 in The Hague. For wheelchair accessibility of this venue, please follow this link for the full information. If you have any concerns about your visit to this workshop or will be visiting using a wheelchair, walker, guide dog etc. please contact Berta Cusso on

Meet Vicki

Vicki Igbokwe-Ozoagu supports you to make Colossal Transformations so you can Reclaim Your Life. She is a Coach and Founder of Uchenna, a Dance Company, based in London, UK. 

Vicki’s work focuses on empowerment, entertainment and education through the creation of dance theatre productions, coaching, dance-based empowerment workshops and public speaking. She has a BA in Dance Studies from Middlesex University and an MA in Cultural Leadership from City University.

Her career highlights include a five-year sponsorship deal with Nike, work as a Mass Movement Choreographer for the London 2012, Sochi 2014 and Glasgow 2014 Olympic, Paralympic & Commonwealth Games and The Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games. She and her career is quite impressive according to our team! Wow Vicki, we are so lucky to have you in The Hague to empower us!

Vicki wants you to know…

It’s not about how many times you ‘fail’ and all about the LEARNING YOU DISCOVER to support you in going AGAIN.
There are some things in life worth having, that will require you to believe in your abilities even when you can’t see or feel them for yourself.
Active surrender, trust and some joy will get you moving in the right direction.
What else do YOU need?

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About the Performance

The workshop is strongly connected to the public performance The Head Wrap Diaries. We highly recommend visiting both the workshop and seeing the actual work of the performer in theatre. Interested? Click here to find out more about the performance! 

Head Wrap Diaries

STET Education

This event is part of STET Education programming. Since 2013 STET Education offers workshops and performances at schools or in the theatre, and since 2016 we also have open workshops for individuals led by international performers, like this one above. We seek to inspire and engage young people with arts education to help them reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible and international citizens. We highly value the direct contact with teachers, students and audience members. 

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