Kitchen’s Light performers

Sam, Marie and Boaz all three were born and raised in Amsterdam. Marie is a graphic designer, Boaz is a communication advisor at Gelderhorst in Ede and Sam is office manager at Tallking Results. Starting 3 years ago as a group of 6 people with no name, in the end after brainstorming together they came up with Kitchen’s Light. The special thing about this group is that they are all deaf and communicate in sign language.

Boaz Blume

Boaz Blume is a member of the deaf collective of poets Kitchen’s Light and performs his work in Dutch Sign Language. His performances were shown at Bijlmer Boekt (Bijlmerparktheater Amsterdam), the opening of the cultural season 2021 Rotterdam (Rotterdamse Schouwburg), PoetryInternational 2022 (Lantaren-HetWindows, Rotterdam) and in the short film Imaginings.


Marie van Driessche

Marie van Driessche is a signed word artist and part of the collective Kitchen’s Light. As a designer, she is fascinated by how people interact with digital products and in particular each other. That’s where she gets inspiration from.


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Sam Onclin

Sam Onclin has a heart for art, poetry and theatre and joined Kitchen’s Light in 2019. “Kitchen’s Light made me look at art differently, and I want to show this. Our strength lies in sign language and our culture.”