Ellen van der Werff

Ellen grew up in the village of Voorhout. 2,5 years ago, she moved to the nice city of Groningen. After graduating, she started working in healthcare. In addition, this woman enjoys life! She discovered through Kitchen’s Light that she wants to tell much more about deaf as an identity and deaf culture through poetry, storytelling, sign-words.

Brendan Lodder

The Amsterdammer with a sauce of West Frisian. He is a proud member of the poet collective Kitchen’s Light.
This group consists of deaf performers who speak/express in their own language and perform in Dutch Sign Language.
His skills: Poetry, VV (Visual Vernacular), Signwords and Storytelling.
Followed the workshop of Spokenword’s artist Elten Kiene from Rotterdam.

Brendan’s performance has been shown at Track: Reflections (2021, Theater Rotterdam), Poerty International (2022, Lantaren-Het Vester, Rotterdam), Re-opening of Het Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam (2022, Amsterdam) and can also be seen in the short film
Imaginings (2022, Anja Hiddinga).