Press release


Support theatre for the visually impaired


Our fundraising for the winter season has come to an end and we are happy to announce that we were able to raise €300 for the non-profit organization Komt Het Zien!


Every year, STET Education pledges to donate 5% of their bookings in December to a non-profit organization who we feel does excellent work, supports a community in the arts, and who we would like to give some extra attention. This year’s organization Komt Het Zien! provides live audio description by interpreters for blind and visually impaired audience members. This way, these audiences can get access to regular theatre programmes. With audiodescription and ‘meet & feel’ introductions to shows, they hear and feel everything that can be seen on stage. 

STET x Komt Het Zien!

As part of our commitment to making theatre more accessible, the STET Education department donated 5% of all booking fees in December to the organisation. In addition, we published a QR code for extra online donations, since we had to cancel our live production in December due to the Covid lockdown.

The fundraising was an opportunity for STET and Komt Het Zien! to get to know each other’s organizations, energy and inspiration. It was a valuable experience to learn more about how visually impaired folks experience the arts and how we as a theatre organization could help improve theatre experiences for this audience. 

Next winter, STET Education will support another non-profit organization. More information will follow by the end of 2022!


Read more about our support for Komt het Zien! here or go directly to their website.

Thanks to organizations as Komt Het Zien!, STET has been continuously learning about the varied experiences of disabilities within the arts and theatre. Click here to read about what we do to make our events more accessible.