Accessibility STET No Limits


This event is wheelchair accessible, spoken in English and there is a Dutch Sign Language interpreter present. You can attend in real life, or watch this event online.

Sign Language

At STET, our shows are often spoken in English, with a Dutch Sign Language Interpreter present (NGT). As an English theatre, why not include British sign language? Research has shown that the BSL speaking d/Deaf community in The Netherlands is extremely small, compared to the Dutch. And so we have chosen to invite the Dutch d/Deaf theatre loving community to our shows by making them more accessible with Dutch sign language.


Relaxed performance

Both STET NO LIMITS: A Call to Action and the performance of Louder is Not Always Clearer will be relaxed performances. The lights will be kept a low level throughout the performance so there will never be complete darkness and the sounds will be at a lower volume. You are welcome to do what you need to be comfortable during this shows. In this show anyone is free to get up, make sounds or leave the room at any time. There is an extra area designated as a safe space for audience members to go to for any reason.


Wheelchair accessibility

Before you arrive:

Theatre venue accessibility:

Theater aan het Spui is wheelchair accessible, including a wheelchair accessible toilet. For specific accessibility question about the venue about the accessibility, send an email to or call 0883565356.

Our staff is continuously learning about how to make each event safe and enjoyable for all. Please feel free to talk to them at any time at our shows about any special needs. Questions, comments or tips? Please contact Berta Cussó on