The Connection Between Words and Movement

Workshop by Ori Lenkinski

Sunday 14 May 2023, 12:00 -14:00

In this workshop, you will explore the connection between text and movement with your workshop leader, Ori Lenkinski. Through teaching sections from her existing works, you will look at how movement can support text and how text and enhance movement. Ori sees the text as conveying the information and topic of the work while the body fills in all of the emotional and mental gaps. The body is, as such, the perfect purveyor of subtext. You will explore this approach to expand the range of performative possibilities available to you in your body work.

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Dates, Venues & Tickets

Zaal 3
De Constant Rebecqueplein 20A, Den Haag

Sunday 14 May 2023
12:00 – 14:00 Workshop

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Because the workshop is dance-based, it is usually recommended for people with some kind of movement background. It will still, however, be a fairly relaxed workshop and even those with little experience can join and go with the flow.


Workshop tickets here. €36 / participant (incl. VAT). There is a maximum of 20 places available.
NOTE: if you would like to see the show on the same day (14 May 15:00), you can book the discounted tickets here. (Look for Students / CJP / Under 30 / Companions €18.50/pp). 


This workshop will be held at Zaal 3 in The Hague. For wheelchair accessibility of this venue, please follow this link for the full information. If you have any concerns about your visit to this workshop or will be visiting using a wheelchair, walker, guide dog etc. please contact Berta Cusso on

Ori Lenkinski

Ori Lenkinski (director, performer) is a Tel Aviv-based dancer, actress, choreographer and journalist. Her work, be it on stage, the Internet or on paper, is devoted to exploring the connection between words and movement.
As a dancer, Ori has worked with independent choreographers in the USA, Europe and Israel. Her works include The Painting, Portrait #2, The Suit, Help Desk, Birth Preparation Course as well as the dance films Carriage and Expecting. She is a co-director, actor and movement director of the play Blueberry by Nataly Zukerman, which recently won Best Show at the 2022 Akko International Fringe Theater Festival. Read more about Ori at

About the Performance

The workshop is strongly connected to the public performance Birth Preparation Course. We highly recommend visiting both the workshop and seeing the actual work of the performer in theatre. Interested? Click here to find out more about the performance!

Birth Preparation Course

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