Corona Can’t Beat STET!

Indeed it did come back to haunt us but the good news is that we can still offer you live English language theatre in Zaal 3 (under 30 seats!) in The Hague. So join us for a corona-safe visit to Sons of Abraham from 9 till 11 October. We do ask you to wear a facemask but do not worry this will not take away the joy to be back in the theatre.

In this newsletter also an announcement of a collaboration between the Peace Palace, LustrFirma Mes and STET for the Art of Peace garden walk from 14 till 17 October.

And did you know that the Nationale Theater also has English and Language No Problem programmes on offer? Read on for more information…

9 -11 October in Zaal3
The Hague

“… they build up a polyhedral mirror that is as intriguing as uncomfortable to peer into .. “
Another great performance by Sahand Sahebdivani and Raphael Rodan about two Kurdish brother taking different sides. Be aware that there is limited seating so the last tickets are now on sale. Read more…

Art of Peace Garden walk
14 – 17 October 2020
Peace Palace – The Hague

The Peace Palace commemorates 75 years of peace by opening its gardens from 14 to 17 October and by organizing the ‘Art of Peace’ walk. This unique tour connects the history of the UN, freedom and the Peace Palace and combines an attractively lit garden with performances and true stories. Read more…

6 & 7 October 2020
Het Nationale Theater – The Hague

2020 seems to be a global Memento Mori* and theatres everywhere are shutting down for the rest of the season. Therefore theatre collective Nineties opens an online grief resort….This show can be attended both “Offline” and “Online” via a live stream. (in English). Read more…