Much Ado About Nothing

Due to uncertain Coronavirus and Brexit conditions, this show is subject to changes

After a year’s hiatus from the wonderfully talented Illyria we’re delighted to bring them back for your yearly outdoor theatre. This summer we’d like to invite you to this year’s outdoor theatre programme. Join us with blankets, a picnic, and sit back to enjoy some live theatre once again.

Due to uncertain coronavirus and Brexit conditions, this show is subject to changes. Please keep an eye on this page for any further updates in the coming months.

Dates, Venues & Tickets

Raadhuis De Paauw
9 September 2021 19:30
10 September 2021 19:30

Landgoed Schovenhorst
11 September 2021 19:30

Much Ado About Nothing

by William Shakespeare

Claudio loves Hero, and Benedick hates Beatrice. This is just as well, because Hero loves Claudio and Beatrice hates Benedick. Everyone laughs when Don Pedro plays a trick on Benedick and Beatrice, letting each think that they are secretly loved by the other. But it is no laughing matter when Don John plays a trick on Claudio and Hero, deceiving Claudio into thinking that Hero is not faithful to him.

Murderous rage is unleashed, and death can be the only solution… Or can it? Perhaps one last trick may resurrect the innocent dead, restore broken relationships – and even create an unlikely union of Benedick and Beatrice!

In their 29th open-air touring season, and renowned all over the world for their clarity, quality and ingenuity, Illyria stick to their home-turf: Shakespearean comedy.

Rainbow Corner Books

The Rainbow Corner Bookshop will be present during our open airs. Buy your English children’s books before and after the performances. You can buy their books in the location, at their stall located near the stage area. Rainbow Corner Books is an independent mobile book business specializing in the sale of the best and most up to date English books for children. Whatever book you need, they can help.

Also, interested customers can send orders via email or Rainbow Corner Books website (see below). Customers ordering online through STET, should use use ‘Stet’ as a reference in their orders. 


For this show, STET is grateful for the support of:

Municipality of The Hague

Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten