Tom Radcliffe

Sons of Abraham is directed by Tom Radcliffe, who is director of London Group Theatre and teacher at Actors East in London has an impressive track record in the film and theatre world. Tom’s work is completely based in the Meisner Technique, which he learnt directly from Sanford Meisner.

The story that Sahand and Raphael are going to tell is based partly on Tom’s experience in the Calais Jungle Refugee camp through which thousands of refugees have passed in the last two decades. Tom lived for over 18 months in The Jungle where he helped to build a vibrant community with people from all over the world. Together they turned a miserable tent camp into a more hospitable location, until it burned to the ground during evictions by the French government.

“When I left Calais, I was in a PTSD state. I didn’t know it then, but the period of sleepless nights that followed made it clear. Images of  friends I left suffer and the danger in which they found themselves, always popped up in my body and mind.”

Tom found in Sahand and Raphael the right people to tell this story: “their familiarity with the western society combined with the connection to their cultures allows them to build a bridge between two worlds.”