Ashley Ramsden

Ashley Ramsden has been a storyteller for over 25 years. He started telling stories in Australia, where he trained as an actor in the Harkness Studio and founded MYTHOS, a company dedicated to the revival of the Art of Storytellin. In 1986 he then moved to the United States where he developed a range of remarkable storytelling performances and one-man shows.

His repertoire continues to include: The Titanic, The Man who Planted Hope; The Arabian Nights; A Christmas Carol; Celtic Tales; Tistou of the Green Thumbs; Gilgamesh; The Holy Man; The Hilarious Adventures of Hodja Nasruddin; Dylan Thomas’A Child’s Christmas in Wales; Diary of a Farmer’s Wife; The Song of Roland, The Yorkshire Bible Stories; The Temple Legend and other stories of King Solomon; This Being Human-Poetry and stories by Jelaluddin Rumi and T.S. Elliot’s Four Quartets with Fiona Pethybridge.

In 1988 he returned to England where at Emerson College in Sussex he soon began to host an annual International Storytelling Symposium with storyteller/author Nancy Mellon, a work that was to stretch over de next decade.

In 1994 Ashley founded the School of Storytelling at Emerson College. This school which is unique in the United Kingdom draws storytellers from all over the world and focuses on different branches pertaining to the art of storyteller. These include Storytelling as a Performing Art, Storytelling in Education, Storytelling as a Healing Art, Storytelling in the world of business, Storytelling and the Environment.

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In 2008 Ashley’s collaboration with Nancy Mellon resulted in the book Body Eloquence: The Power of Myth and Story to Awaken the Body’s Energies. (

Ashley tells stories in theatres, at storytelling festivals and clubs, in castles, private houses, pubs, Camphill Community Centres, schools, in businesses, prisons, churches, spiritual centres and at charity events.