Marc de Hond


Marc de Hond is an inspiring speaker and has stayed full of enthusiasm and humour when through his career, which took him from successful internet entrepreneur to radio DJ, TV presenter and member of the Dutch wheelchair basketball team. De Hond is the author of the book ‘POWER’, a semi-autobiographical book detailing the changes in his life after his spinal cord injury. The period following his injury taught him how to handle change and how he dealt with setbacks. De Hond passes on his enthusiasm to his audience. If he gets a goal in his head, he goes all out to achieve it following the mantra of “what is the worst that can happen? That something failed? So what?” According to Marc, every person has the ‘POWER’ to adapt to new situations.

De Hond discovered this power during his rehabilitation after his injury in 2002 saying “I proved to be mentally and physically capable of things that I could never have imagined beforehand.” It took several years to understand his new life. “I have learned to cope well with setbacks, that’s just part of life. I look at what I can do, and no longer at what I can no longer do.” Marc has been unstoppable ever since.

De Hond continues to join NOS in their coverage of the Paralympic games whilst this year starting his third theatre tour. Voortschrijdend Inzicht (Progressive Insight) explores how he dealt with and overcame the challenges in his life. De Hond has previously conquered the theatres with De LULverhalen (in which he spoke lightly and full of humour about love, sex and self-esteem), Scherven Brengen Geluk (Shards Bring Happiness in which he discusses accepting and embracing setbacks) and he toured his production Wie Bang is, Krijgt ook Klappen (Who is Afraid, also Receives Blows, about overcoming fears). He wrote the children’s book De Fantastische Scheve Toren van Pisa (The Fantastic Leaning Tower of Pisa) and played for four years in the Dutch wheelchair basketball team. Marc is an excellent motivator and an experienced speaker, presenter and chairman of the day.