STET is funded by the Municipality of The Hague (2017 – 2021)

As from 1 January 2017 STET receives structural funding from the Municipality of The Hague. Although less than hoped for the yearly subsidy will provide STET with a solid base to build a continuous program. Board and Team or STET like to express their deep thanks to the many that voiced their concerns. It worked!

For the future: continue to join our performances! As you will understand, the remaining 80% of the budget still has to be covered from other sources …. but with your help and support we have full confidence that we will manage this.  Be our ambassadors and enjoy the future with us!

STET’s Press releases are both in Dutch and in English.
For more information and any (high resolution) photographes used on this website,
please contact our Press and PR colleague Colinda van der Zalm (