Reconsider your image of me

Iranian-European Residency in The Hague

a co-production with Virgule PAC, Tehran


Dates, Venues & Tickets

25 March – 2 April 2016

Open rehearsals 
Thursday 31 March and Friday 1 April 17.00 – after rehearsal a Q & A with director and actors

Final presentation
Saturday 2 April 20.30 (NOW SOLD OUT!)with after show drink and talks with the artists
Saturday 2 April  17.00 EXTRA PRESENTATION!!!


Drang Studio
Schelpkade 45
2514KB The Hague
How to get there….


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This project focuses on the misunderstandings and fantasies we have about the Other. Both Iran and the West have a strong “image” of the other. This image has been created by the media, the geo-political situation and lack of knowledge. To unravel this misinformation we proposed to offer the stage to ‘regular’ stories from people who might not have the problems with each other prevalent in the political sphere.

Reconsider your image of me is an ongoing theatrical research project. In November & December 2014 the production London Rome Tehran Amsterdam was in Tehran the first presentation of this project. It was the result of two months of research by the creators and performers. They questioned each other, went into the desert together and read several books.

The performance in Tehran was different every night, filled with improvisation and experimentation.

Residency The Hague

In the Netherlands European actors from the Netherlands and Hungary will join members of the original Iranian cast for a residency in The Hague. Before and during the residency Iranian director Arvand Dashtaray,  Dutch dramaturge Cecile Brommer and the Iranian playwright Naghmeh Samini have worked on a stronger narrative drawing on Dashtaray’s own story being in a relationship with a Dutch partner, Marene. The collective will collate new material which will be made into a presentation at the end of the residency. New codes and references will be found in the local environment and audiences but the core concept and structure as developed for LondonRomeTheranAmsterdam stay the same.

Artistic team:
Cecil Brommer – dramaturg (Dutch)
Arvand Dashtaray – director (Iran)
Naghmeh Samini – writer (Iran)
Amin Yazdani Nejad – assistant director (Iran)
Vasilis Apostolatos – light designer (Greek)
Fatemeh Alizadeh – video designer (Iran)
Marene van Holk – actor (Dutch-British)
Sayedehfaezeh Khatami – actor (Iran)
Michael Bloos – actor (Dutch)
Hassan Madjooni – actor (Iran)
Saber Abar – actor (Iran)
Natasa Stork – actor (Hungary)

There will be opportunities to join open rehearsals on
Thursday 31 March 17.00
Friday 1 April 17.00 – after rehearsal a Q & A with director and actors
for free tickets please inquire by sending us an email

The Residency will end with a presentation on Saturday 2 April 20.30 hours in the Drang Studio. Tickets can be bought online in the STET Ticketshop (To show your support you can choose from different ticket prices.)



You are invited to join the Reconsider Your Image of Me campaign on Facebook. It is very easy, we ask you to make your own board with the text “Reconsider Your Image of Me” and make a selfie, like the page and post it!!

Photo Exhibition

In close co-operation with the Anna Lindh Foundation in The Netherlands, there will be a photo exhibition during the residency of all the people who joined the Facebook campaign worldwide already – If you add yourself to the page , we will make sure yours will be added digitally too!

The Statement

This world is full of misunderstandings. We all have fears, fantasies and images about Others. Rarely are our images based on truth. We think it’s time to refresh our images and to look at each other beyond the boundaries of media and internet information. To try to observe each other eye to eye and hear each other’s stories and consider that we are all humans. We are running this campaign as a hint that our images of each other might need reconsidering. It might help us to live in a world in which International powers can’t build a fake image of ourselves nor define our image of each other as a political tool. It’s time to recognize the misunderstandings between people, countries, cities, cultures and geographies. Join in our campaign. 

“As we take the performance to further countries we will continue working with local dramaturges and performers to rework inherent local codes and references, but the core concept will always remain solid.”

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